With the MLB 2019 regular season just by the door, the schedule has already been released, so that the fans of different teams could have the opportunity to appraise the schedule with enough time ahead to make any plans.

Here is a quick MLB 2019 regular season schedule review for those of us who are regular MLB fans.

  •    The broad lines of the schedule for 2019 interleague is that NL West faces AL East, NL East faces AL Central, NL Central faces AL West.
  •    From Japan, the Mariners open, rather earlier than usual on March 20th, but this is just a rematch of AL Championship.
  •    Then on March 28, we have the official home opening day. Hopefully, the weather does not be a hindrance because that time of year it is still cold and rainy. You can search here for cheap MLB tickets without service fees to be there to cheer your team when they fight for a win.
  •    For the opening matches we have – The Diamondbacks and the Dodgers, the Rangers and the Cubs, the Braves and the Phillies, the Orioles and the Yankees.
  •    A highlight of the schedule is the ten-game road trip that has the Red Sox going from the West Coast to the East Coast.
  •    April 13th and 14th see Mexico Series in Monterrey where the Cardinals and the Reds will be entertaining us with their best performances.
  •    Still in Monterrey, but at the beginning of May, exactly on 4th and 5th, the Angels and the Astros will be playing two games.
  •    For the first time ever in Omaha, the Kansas City Royals will play opposite the Detroit Tigers on June 13.
  •    From London, the Yankees and the Red Sox will be playing on June 29th and 30th, moreover, the Red Sox will play as the home team in both games.
  •    Next, there will be a game that is not to be missed, the All-Star Game on July 9th in Cleveland, Ohio.
  •    Of course, an annual favorite is the Little League, and we shall see it hosted in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. And as special emphasis, we do not want to miss the Cubs when they face the Pirates on August 18th.
  •    There is a possibility of having a rematch of the World Series game when the Los Angeles Dodgers face the New York Yankees on 23-25 August. Be on the lookout!

To wrap up, there will be several finales that we always expect with the end of every season, it is always a nice wrap-up of a season that had been surely full of fun and games, as well as the surprises that are part and parcel of an exciting MLB season.