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Author: ultimatenyg

NYG 23 DEN 10

TONIGHT, McADOO GAVE UP PLAYCALLING DUTIES. The Giants won their first game of the season.  Coincidence? Of course not.  This morning I wrote a blogpost called McAdoolusional, giving the Giants Head Coach great criticism. This was echoed by Steve Smith on NFL Network. Both criticisms focused on McAdoo’s unsuccessful attempts to continue with playcalling duties. All the evidence pointed to his failure in this capacity. Worse, we argued that this prevented McAdoo from doing his true job, managing the team. And beyond that, we also pointed out how McAdoo did not hold himself accountable, undermining his authority.  So McAdoo...

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After the Week 2 loss, our recap of the game brought up the H-word to describe the NY Giants Head Coach. Ben McAdoo is failing as a Head Coach. This is not Ray Handley. But it is coming close. Anything in the Handley zip code is bad. That was Week 2. After three more games of dysfunction and underachievement we are knocking on Ray Handley’s door. The Dominique Rodgers Cromartie incident is smoke. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Yesterday we learned that Eli Apple’s three series benching vs LAC was not performance related. Everyone had just assumed that Apple...

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