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Author: Noah Hiles

Were the Pittsburgh Pirates really just one win a month away from the postseason?

By: Noah Hiles | September 28, 2018 Last Sunday, September 23 in his final press conference of the season, Pittsburgh Pirates general manager Neal Huntington delivered an eye opening, yet true quote which can essentially summarized the entire year for his team. “(This club) was one win a month away from being a post season baseball team. That’s how close we are, one win a month.” To be fair, when one considers the expectations that many had for this team entering the 2018 season, the fact that this quote is anywhere near to being a factual statement is something...

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Who is Pablo Reyes?

By: Noah Hiles | September 20, 2018 There are many people who are not big on the idea of September baseball. While for a handful of teams the final month of the regular season is both important and exciting, the rest of the league is forced to tag along and jog to the finish line. With football season now in full swing and the Pittsburgh Pirates having to finish nearly perfect to even have a chance at the postseason, it is understandable why some fans have already checked out. However, the Bucco fans who have yet to jump ship...

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