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Author: Michael R. Respass

Philadelphia Eagles Midseason Predictions Review

With the Philadelphia Eagles reaching the halfway point for their 2017 NFL regular season, the general consensus around the league is that even though some people may have predicted them to be good this year, no one picked them to be this good. Even now, with a record of 7-1, their fan base is split on how to react. There are some fans that want to plan their trip to this year’s Super Bowl and then there are fans that are waiting for the bubble to burst on this surprising start. Recognizing these mixed feelings coming from experts and...

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​Philadelphia Eagles Strategy – Utilizing Next Man Up

The 2017-2018 version of the Philadelphia Eagles has developed into a Super Bowl contender, much to the surprise of both the National Football League and their own fans. A season that was thought to be another developmental year for second-year quarterback Carson Wentz with his new weapons in wide receivers Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith has turned into a year that, at worst, will see the Eagles tied for the best record in the NFL at the halfway point. A combination of Wentz making a big jump with actual playmaking talent around him, the defense having another year to...

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Philadelphia Eagles Now Finishing Close Games

With a total of seven games decided by a touchdown or less throughout last season, the Philadelphia Eagles found themselves losing in six of those contests. A combination of bad luck, lack of experience and bad decisions reared its ugly head in most of the game-deciding moments where they had a chance to pull out a win. Success in these types of games will normally be the deciding factor of who makes and misses the playoffs in a given season. Close games normally separate the contenders from the pretenders over the course of a season, showing an ability to...

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