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Author: @maxleemcauliffe

The Patriots and the Pony Express

Some remember the famous “Pony Express” from Southern Methodist University. This was when Craig James and Eric Dickerson dominated the college football world. Rumblings have indicated the Patriots will unveil their own Pony Express, due to the Chargers weak linebackers, and inabilities to cover running backs in the passing game. The Patriots Pony When saying pony, this means something a little different than just two running backs splitting time. A pony formation entails a two running back set, meaning some combination of Michel, White, and Burkhead. The expectation is that the Patriots will use running back heavy sets to exploit the weaknesses in the Chargers defense. James White & Rob Gronkowski The Patriots have had great success this season with James White. He seemed to be a key to victory in several games for them. This leads many to key in on his involvement Sunday, as he could draw more attention from Chargers defenders. The beauty of the Patriots offense is the Chargers do not have the personnel to match up against the running backs and Gronkowski. Gronk had an uninspiring season, but the Chargers lack the personnel to cover both Gronk and the running backs. This could lead to either the backs or Gronk finding themselves open in Sunday’s game. The Chargers do not have four Derwin James clones at their disposal, the likely match-up with Gronk. Danger...

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Is a new rival emerging for New England?

As the Steelers appear to be a dilapidated, down the pan team, headed for a fiery, violent crash, it is time to question wether they will be considered a rival of ours next year. Of course, the Patriots’ run should come to a close once their older veterans leave, like Brady, Gronk, Belichick. However, different from the Patriots, the Steelers main problem is keeping their younger stars happy. We all know about the Bell debacle that developed over a two year period. Now, the Steelers are considering exploring the trade market for Antonio Brown this offseason. Big Ben is not getting any younger and although he would still have Juju Smith-Schuster as a target, life without Brown for an older quarterback like Roethlisberger would be a painful and embarrassing season for him. Life without Antonio Brown, who holds a spot in every discussion of the best receiver in the league, would almost force Big Ben to hang up the cleats. The locker room in Pittsburgh is toxic and out of control, leadership is flawed, and teammates turn on each other faster than rats abandoning a sinking ship. Tomlin might have his moments as a good football mind but relying on him to control his team’s behavior or even his own is a dangerous risk. Andrew Luck by Keith Allison on 16 September 2018 Out with the old, In with...

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