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Author: @maxleemcauliffe

Potential Patriots: Dre’Mont Jones

The combine has officially ended and now everyone can start to get a better sense on where each player will land in the draft. The value that a scout should hold in the combine is an age old debate that should be left for another time. Not a good day for Mr. Jones Dre’Mont Jones was on my mock draft and big board before the combine. Jones, the Ohio State product, dramatically underwhelmed scouts and evaluators. However, that could be a good thing for Patriots fans, as Dre’Mont could now slide further down draft boards. Sliding down mock drafts Before the combine, Dre’Mont had some saying that the Patriots would pick him with their 32nd selection. Now, it seems more likely that he will be available for one, if not both, of their second round selections. Familiarity with Schiano The idea of drafting Dre’Mont with a second round draft pick would certainly be worth the Patriots while. Dre’Mont was a dominant force at defensive tackle during his time at Ohio State. With Greg Schiano, one of his former coaches, becoming the defensive coordinator for the Patriots, trying to recreate some of the success he had with Schiano would make a lot of sense for the Patriots. What makes Dre’Mont Jones so good? Dre’Mont made a career at Ohio State for getting into the backfield quickly Great physical traits that...

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Kyler Murray and the Patriots Do Not Mesh

Kyler, the Heisman-winning quarterback from Oklahoma, remains the biggest question of this year’s draft. His future landing spot remains completely unknown. And although Murray will certainly be picked in the first round, the question of when remains to be seen. Untraditional Quarterback Murray might be the hardest quarterback some scouts have ever been asked to evaluate. His decision-making and judgement can be so blatantly wrong at times, yet he will still make a play or get a completion. He is the farthest from traditional one could find, yet the most successful out of his class. Kyler Murray holding the Heisman Trophy he won for his phenomenal performance this last season The Positives of Kyler The Oklahoma quarterback can only be described as a paradox. Some parts of his game should make him the undisputed QB1 of the class, yet other parts defiantly scream risk. Murray’s strong suits are listed below: Fantastic runner, potentially one of the faster QBs to ever enter the NFL Incredible arm strength Great touch and anticipation Ability to extend the play with his feet, evades pass rushers with ease Quick release Tremendous poise Elite physical skills Has displayed pin-point accuracy on several occasions Relatively good ball security Relatively good pre-snap adjustments The Negatives of Kyler The issues in his game glaring, just like his strengths. His strengths and weaknesses pop right off the screen. Kyler’s...

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Potiential Patriots: TJ Hockenson

The more film watched on TJ Hockenson, the more it seems he will be long gone before the Patriots pick 32nd. However, one never knows these days as players get injured in practice (like Jeffery Simmons), poor combines or pro days hurt their value, and sometimes guys just slide due to demand. Although historically the Patriots never really trade up in the draft, this Iowa tight end might be worth breaking the trend for. That is of course assuming he doesn’t miraculously fall into their hands at the end of the first round. Here is what makes Hockenson so good: Good jump off ball, quickly gets out of three point stance Gets hands inside and doesn’t overextend, dominant blocking technique Lowers pads Keeps ball high and tight, protects the football Nice awareness Can outrun Big Ten linebackers and corners, making him hard to one on one with good RAC (run after catch) Always gets lower than his man when blocking, gets good leverage on his guy Really nice hands Extremely athletic and agile for a man of his size Fundamentally sound Polished Disciplined route runner Physical Good balance and control Can adjust to the ball very nicely Phenomenal focus and ability to get his feet down in bounds, great awareness of his surroundings Hockenson is a future Pro Bowler. One of the easiest prospects to evaluate in this class....

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