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Author: Liam Green

Recap: Celtics send Hawks into eldritch hell-realm beyond time in blowout win

By: Liam Green | December 14, 2018 IN A NUTSHELLLast time the Boston Celtics took on the Atlanta Hawks, the blowout result was predictable, though it didn’t come quite as easily as such lopsided wins can. Atlanta, still unmistakably bad and rebuilding, came to the Garden more prepared and looked it once they made it past the first quarter. The second frame…was a lot less fun as a result. Then it went all Boston for a third quarter in which our heroes obliterated the visiting bird flock in a manner less numerically superior but far more humiliating, including a...

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Recap: Celtics take Bulls to slaughterhouse in historic blowout win

By: Liam Green | December 8, 2018 IN A NUTSHELLI feel some sympathy for Chicago Bulls fans because of the Gar Forman/John Paxson front office’s belligerent incompetence and the defiant cronyism of Jerry Reinsdorf that keeps those idiots employed. This in no way means I’m above rejoicing at tonight’s win over the currently moribund Chicago club by the Boston Celtics, but this one was absolutely vicious from start to finish. Thanks to an early attack by the starters (including Daniel Theis as an outstanding understudy for a resting Al Horford), the Cs got ahead by 20 in the game’s...

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