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Author: @jeffjardine3

How Diverticulitis Could Slow Down Bruins

Many people probably had to look up the word diverticulitis when they heard that David Backes of the Bruins had it.  As a health professional, I will give you an idea of what diverticulitis is, and will try and help explain the treatment. When we can expect the big rugged Bruin back on the ice?     DIVERTICULITIS IS AN INFECTION: I have been telling everyone I know that what David Backes has is a very curable infection. I am quick to do this is because the infection is misunderstood.  Many people believe that what the Bruin forward has is a form of Crohn’s or Colitis, and that is not true. Diverticulitis is an infection of an area of your lower digestive system near your bowel called the diverticulum.  The area itself is shaped like a small inlet and often can get infected to a lesser degree.  When the area becomes more intensely infected you get some very serious symptoms.  It often presents with pain upon eating anything, bowel difficulties(mainly diarrhea), and a great deal of pain.  This is why it is often mistaken for the chronic disease Crohn’s, as the symptoms are somewhat similar.  This infection can be picked up more easily by some people then another.  The big thing is how well your system clears it away before it intensifies.  In severe cases, it requires an operation,...

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Patriots’ Player Profile : Stephon Gilmore

Hello everyone, I am embarking on a new feature for BostonSportsExtra and PatriotsExtra.  We will have a weekly profile of a Patriots’ player so you can get to know more about the individuals on the team.  This week features one of the newest Patriots, cornerback Stephon Gilmore.   INTRODUCTION Stephon Stiles Gilmore was born on September 19, 1990 in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Gilmore went on to play high school and college football in his home state.  Gilmore was voted third team all-American in 2011 and first team SEC 2010-2011.  The Buffalo Bills drafted him in the first round...

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CTE : Is It Going To Be The End Of Football ?

Unless you have been living under a rock, any true football fan has heard of the medical term CTE.  CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease.  It has gained prominence recently with a study showing that virtually all ex-NFL players brains tested had the disease.  A study published in July of this year revealed that 110 of 111 players tested showed various levels of the disease. Could the prominence of CTE in NFL football players be the end of football as we know it?  I do believe that CTE is a serious health issue that needs...

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