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Author: jaxsportsmedia

Walking to New Orleans with the Eagles

By: jaxsportsmedia | November 14, 2018 This is THE watershed game of the season so far for the Birds, yet no need to worry or panic. Have some fun with it! In fact, for the thousands of Eagles fans who booked the trip to New Orleans for this game, it will be a festive experience which is perfect for an optimistic approach. Maybe that carries over to the on-field performance? For some reason I can’t get that old Fats Domino song “Walking to New Orleans” out of my head this week. It’s a rhythm’n’blues classic with a methodical shuffle...

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Don't stop believin', Eagles fans!

By: jaxsportsmedia | November 13, 2018 The venting over the Eagles’ lackluster performance against the Cowboys at home? It was harsh, it was crestfallen, it was every regret we felt together as fans. It was necessary. You gotta let out the anger before you let the sunshine in. Now calmer assessment is the order of the day. We’ve got to pull ourselves together as real fans. Real Eagles fans know there’s a human element in every game which transcends winning or losing. It’s about the inevitability of things not going the way you planned. Sometimes bad things happen to...

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Defending Super Bowl Chumps—Dallas 27, Eagles 20

By: jaxsportsmedia | November 12, 2018 Nerve-wracking game to watch if you’re an Eagles fan…so many missed tackles (though I get Zeke Elliott is a load to bring down) and so many missed connections on offense (receivers sitting down on the route, Wentz thinking they will keep going, that sort of thing). Trips to the red zone that wound up netting only a field goal, or nothing at all…a vulnerable zone defense that gave Dak Prescott too many open targets which even Dak couldn’t miss… Still there was a feeling with the game tied at 20 with 6:56 to...

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Eagles depth-chart shuffle to be tested against Dallas

By: jaxsportsmedia | November 9, 2018 What a difference a year makes in the stability of the Eagles’ depth chart! Last season you could pretty much write down in green ink who was playing what position, and in what packages they would play. This year you need to use a pencil with a big eraser to submit the weekly lineup card. Filling in for injuries is always a big part of lineup changes, but this season has tested the limit of that statement. We are way beyond the “routine” injury substitution quota. Add to that variable the fact that...

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