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Author: jaxsportsmedia

More Eagles stuff

By: jaxsportsmedia | March 17, 2019 We start with a moment of silence (not difficult on this site with recent connectivity issues, but still…) for a fallen Eagle and an underdog hero from my youth: Eagles mourn the passing of former DB, Nate Ramsey…The Neptune, New Jersey native was one of the longest-tenured players in franchise history. Ramsey fought his way onto the 1963 Eagles roster as a not-highly-recruited cornerback and 14th round draft pick out of Indiana. At 6-1, 185, he kept fighting and kept his job for 10 seasons with the Eagles. He was not particularly fast...

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Try to keep up, Eagles fans!

By: jaxsportsmedia | March 14, 2019 And the beat goes on. ESPN’s Adam Schefter was the first to report wide receiver Golden Tate‘s agreeing to terms on a four-year deal with the New York Giants. After Schefter tweeted out the contract details, NBC Sports Philly’s Dave Zangaro noted that Tate should net the Eagles a compensatory pick in 2020. It’s a 4-year, $37.5 million deal for Tate, with $23 million guaranteed. Nice snag for Mr. Tate. Aw shucks, now we have to face him twice in the regular season. Will he have extra motivation against us? I doubt it....

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Philly is still a football town

By: jaxsportsmedia | March 12, 2019 Here we are in the middle of March 2019 and the talk of the town (and by extension Eagles Nation around the world) is NFL Football. Philadelphia embraced college football as far back as the 1920’s, with enthusiastic cross-state rivalries and inter-state competition with schools from New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts among others. By the late 1940’s the NFL had become a thing to many Philly fans, too. In the TV era (1950 to present) the NFL blossomed into a main attraction for an increasing number of football fanatics. Cheering or jeering...

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