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Author: jaxsportsmedia

No Combine this year only makes Eagles draft buzz crazier

No Combine… The NFL Scouting Combine’s altered format for this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the spotlight onto the 2021 pro day circuit, where NFL decision-makers will have the opportunity to see the top draft prospects perform on-field drills and learn their official measurements. Teams are limited to a maximum of three representatives at any pro day this year. So between now and April 9, you will have limited access to about 130 individual college and regional campus audition sites.  For example, the Penn State scouting event is scheduled for March 25.  Temple’s big day is...

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Proper hug to DeSean Jackson from an Eagles fan

That fan is EYE, but I represent the feelings of at least half of the current Eagles fan base… and I know by cognitive diffusion that DJax is appreciated by nearly every Eagles fan who picked up on the sport by at least their middle school years in 2008. This scrawny kid from California with a Bowery Boys attitude changed the way we looked at wide receiver profiles. No longer the rules of gentleman-like deftness of contact and conflict— nay, I defy your physical superiority by counter-jamming your coverage in ways you have not yet imagined— and then I...

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Five things to watch in Week 1 of the NFL season

The first week of the 2019 NFL season is just around the corner.  It’s been a long wait since Super Bowl LIII in February and fans are getting excited.  In addition to buying new team gear, getting game tickets, and participating in fantasy football drafts, fans are also very involved with the NFL betting experience, in anticipation for the kick off.  With sports betting becoming legalized in many US states, the 2019 NFL season promises to be the most wagered-on sports season in United States history.  Many casinos and online sports books now offer the ability to bet on...

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