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Author: jaxsportsmedia

How much do assistant coaching changes really matter to Eagles?

By: jaxsportsmedia | January 20, 2020 The Eagles like many NFL teams in January are shuffling their coaching assistants. Here’s a recent update on the changes so far per Brandon Lee Gowton of BGN: “When Doug replaced Chip Kelly four years ago today, he kept seven of Kelly’s assistant coaches and brought in 11 assistants of his own. A year later he brought in Mike Groh. Out of those seven original Chip assistants? Six are still here, all but Cory Undlin, just hired as Lions defensive coordinator. Of the 11 guys he brought in? Only four are still here...

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Harold Carmichael finally defeats the “too tall” bias in Eagles football

By: jaxsportsmedia | January 16, 2020 It didn’t start with Carmichael. For many decades, guys who were “too tall” didn’t get a second look in Eagles or Phillies scouting circles. Gene Conley at 6-8 was an exception as a pitcher for the Phils in 1959 and 1960, but he had already proven his worth with the Boston/Milwaukee Braves, so his case was an outlier. The prevailing thought for a long time (since the early 1900’s) was tall guys were too slow and lacked sufficient coordination for the quick-twitch demands of football and baseball. Anyone taller than 6-3 was steered...

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Five things to watch in Week 1 of the NFL season

The first week of the 2019 NFL season is just around the corner.  It’s been a long wait since Super Bowl LIII in February and fans are getting excited.  In addition to buying new team gear, getting game tickets, and participating in fantasy football drafts, fans are also very involved with the NFL betting experience, in anticipation for the kick off.  With sports betting becoming legalized in many US states, the 2019 NFL season promises to be the most wagered-on sports season in United States history.  Many casinos and online sports books now offer the ability to bet on...

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