Your basketball performance may focus on your skills and practice, but the shoes that you wear gives you the confidence to play the game. Therefore, you should pay attention to basketball shoes as well as other equipment.

If you are a basket player or someone who occasionally play basketball and need to buy basketball shoes, you need to consider factors before buying the shoes. Therefore, you need to be very picky while choosing the perfect basketball shoes for you.

In this post, we are going to discuss what should you know and consider before buying the basketball shoes. Continue reading to get the most out of the post

Consider your feet size

Assuming your size while buying shoes is a big mistake we make. Before buying the shoes, we should measure our feet and buy accordingly. Make sure you have measured your feet appropriate and then choose the shoes that fit best to your feet. Ensure you don’t have any size issues because size issues can cause interference in your game. Therefore, you need to consider the size of shoes on the top of your priority list.

Asses the material

Basketball shoe comes in a variety of material from synthetic to plastic material. All materials are good for different purposes, make sure to choose basketball according to your choice. Make sure you are not buying any material that looks used or easy to damage. Therefore, you need to evaluate your needs and then choose the material accordingly. So dont chooses plastic ones because the plastic tends to get damaged from the upside of the shoes.

Consider outsole

Know what sort of outsole the shoes have or evaluate the tractions it will provide by focusing on the various factors like the thickness or softness of the outsole. Moreover, you should check whether the outsole of the shoes will let you play on different grounds safely.

Rubber outsoles are often the one that fits best to the basketball players by giving them good traction. Therefore, check the thickness, softness, and pattern for the new shoes of basketball.

See the cushion

The cushion of the shoe will determine how comfortable the shoes is. Therefore, before you buy the basketball shoes, make sure to check the cushion of the shoes. See whether it will be comfortable for you to play in these shoes or not. Don’t buy shoes that are modern technological and inhibits the level of comfort. Therefore, focus on the simple sneakers that will serve the main purpose of comfortable.


Style is also important to consider while buying your sports shoes. Make sure you are choosing the stylish shoes with good quality. Moreover, choose basketball shoes that fit best for your playing style.  Moreover, if you are someone who plays on grass grounds, you can consider buying stylish shoes in bright colours. Make sure not to drool a lot over the style because a good style doesn’t mean they are good quality-wise as well.


Consider durability before buying your basketball shoes. Basketball shoes often cost you a lot. Therefore, if you don’t find durable shoes, you will tend to purchase new shoes every month. Eventually, you will drain your budget. When you are making a purchase, make sure you are buying the pair of basketball shoes that are durable enough to serve you function for a few years.  Moreover, you will feel comfortable in one shoe for a long time. However, when you change shoes, often, it gets difficult for you to feel comfortable in a new pair of shoes.


Don’t drain your financial account on basketball shoes just because they look nice and attracts you. Make sure to spend your money on shoes with good quality. The good quality basketball shoes will worth it. Therefore, you should always focus on the price that is aligned with the shoe quality.

Have a test walk before making a buy

Before you buy your basketball shoes, don’t forget to try them out. When you try them for a few minutes, you will able to know whether it fits or serves the purpose. Moreover, you will get an idea of how does it look on your feet and how comfortable you feel in them