A vertical jump is the athlete’s capability to elevate off the ground. Vertical jumps are of two types. These are standing vertical jump and running vertical jump. Standing vertical jump is the one when the athlete jumps from a standstill. In running vertical jump, the athlete approaches running towards the goal. This running adds the energy in his/her standing vertical jump. Standing vertical jump is considered to be an official measurement. The vertical jump is involved in many sports like basketball, volleyball, and high jump, etc. To be able to dunk, an athlete tries his best. Different vertical jumps programs are there to help out too. But, you can’t trust everything available. A sport for an athlete is a process that involves passion, struggle, and then comes the success. It is a wonderful opportunity if you can select the Top 3 Vertical Jump Programs.

Reach Out The Top 3 Best Vertical Jumps Programs:

1. Vert Shock:

The best part about this program is that it does not require any equipment. It is an 8-week program. The training program comprises of Plyometric exercises. The three phases that make up the entire Vert Shock Program are Pre-Shock, Shock and Post-Shock phases.

Pre-Shock Phase:

This is the first phase. This phase is for preparing the body for shock phase. It is the workout routine of 6 days. After 6 days of workout, a day for the rest is planned.

Shock Phase:

It is a six weeks program with 4 to 6 days of workout. 1 to 2 days is planned as Rest days after every week of workout. The duration of the workout is almost 40 to 45 minutes.

Post-Shock Phase:

It is the last week of the program. It includes 6 workouts and one rest day. You also get HD video instructive tutorials. You also come to know how to warm-up and cool-down and guidelines about jumping techniques. Though you may not find exercise and workout very different in different phases but the intensity increases as you move on to the next phase. The best thing about Vert Shock is its affordability as the price is very reasonable.

2. The Jump Manual:

  • The duration of this program is 12 weeks.
  • It includes two types of training which are weight training and plyometric training.
  • The Jump Manual provides free coaching for the first 14 days and you can even get a refund if you don’t feel satisfied.
  • You will get a set of rules for workout and video tutorial.
  • It is a platform to transform all your vigor in a vertical jump.
  • Workout time is about 45 minutes to one and a half-hour.

3. BoingVERT:

  • BoingVERT provides you an opportunity to choose between two programs which are said to be Animal program and Savage program.
  • Animal program is a plyometric program which takes 12 weeks to complete whereas Savage program is a weight training program and comprises of 16 weeks of training. You need 28 weeks to complete both programs.
  • Price is affordable. All you need is time to complete the program.

Every program has some advantages and some limitations. You can select according to your affordability and availability of time.