A crossbow is a combination of ordinary bow and hunting rifle. It works on the same principle which an ordinary bow uses. The thing that makes it different from the ordinary bow is its design and mechanism. When you are using a normal bow you have to pull the strings of a bow and then release after aiming the target, but in crossbow, there is nothing like that. There may be a difference in the appearance and construction material but you will see that the basic is still the same. In the past, Armies use this as a weapon but due to the arrival of a gun, it lost its popularity. Many hunters, alien, vampire hunter, and zombie survivalists are still using this because in old time an ordinary bow is used this deadly weapon in war. It is still considered a deadly weapon as one can aim his target from a huge distance.  If you are going hunting with young people, you want to find the best crossbow for the youth. Old bows are usually made up of wood and the material used for the tip of an arrow is normally iron or stone these all things made this weapon heavy but in the new crossbow, the material used is fiberglass which is hard and super lightweight as compared to the ordinary bow. Here are some tips how to use crossbow accurately:

Cock the bow:

While cocking the bow, there is a need for high patience. You can cock by two ways either by crank operated and manually method. For cocking manually, you must place one foot in the stirrup and pull back the string of crossbow until it is cocked. There is a trick in the modern crossbows which is not in compound bows that if you are unable to pull the strings straight you will not able to aim your target precisely. To crank the bow fit into place the crank until it is cocked.

Load the bow:

After cocking the bow put an arrow inside the barrel and then nock the arrow in the right place.

Aim the target:

With the modern crossbows, you can precisely aim the target as there is a facility of mount scope and sight pin, you just must aim at the target and press the shoot button.


After aiming the target, the next step is shooting.  For shooting you need to hold the crossbow tighter and squeeze the trigger tightly, one you hear the pop sound, release the trigger.


Hunting with the crossbow is really exciting, you just need patience with the passage of time you can easily hunt or know how to use the crossbow but these crossbows are not popular among the hunter as the old and simple version of bows is because of certain terms and conditions. Moreover, practice makes a man perfect you should speed the summer to know about the weapon and try to shoot from a different distance and keep on increasing the distance. For practicing more, you need to buy a target that can withstand by shooting. One thing to notice is that crossbow needs maintenance on a regular basis, they require new string from time to time.