Devin Haney turned into a global lightweight winner in a roughly as prominent manner as you are able to in September. Now, ” the 20-year-old has still another livelihood original since he will protect his WBC world lightweight title for the first time in opposition to Alfredo Santiago around the KSI-Logan Paul II card Nov. 9 in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, survive DAZN. The YouTube celebrities placed to a series in 2018 — equipping the”most significant beginner boxing game ever sold” — making use of their own struggle at Manchester Arena, also they’re prepared for Round two. However, the re-match won’t be a recreational struggle. The 2nd battle will depend on their pro recordings together with KSI and also Paul’s place to produce their expert boxing debuts.

Genovese, fifty-one, a cab driver,” said that his sons saw the very first combat on YouTube. He’d never paid focus but watched plenty of to set him off. In the darkness of the Muhammad Ali poster using the motto”The ache that you believe now could be that the intensity you believe ” Genovese remained unconvinced. “What they [the audiences ] are visiting is just maybe not boxing,” he explained. “anybody may place gloves but perhaps not everybody else could stay. They truly are doing this putting in the challenging work and perspiration ”

No person at the fitness center has been intending to stump upward Sky’s #9.95payment, but Genovese declared his sons could probably witness it. Tom Collins, a fellow cabbie who’d shared that the ring together with Genovese, was positive. “I think that it is a pretty fantastic issue,” mentioned that the 40-year-old. “We need whatever may prevent kiddies traumatic every other and [make them proceed ] coaching. When a small percent of these audiences put into boxing and then just take the game, then which must be quite a fantastic thing”

The largest gap between both beginner and skilled struggle may be that the headgear. From the very first struggle, the 2 characters wore cushioned headgear, however, people will probably be chucked aside this moment; point. Still, another distinction would be that the fighters will probably use 10-ounce gloves alternatively of the 12-ounce gloves utilized in newbie fights. Paul and also KSI have exchanged verbal blows off to another contributing to the struggle. Throughout their very first media summit, KSI mocked Paul’s lifeless canine and Paul commented about KSI’s claimed spouse and children’s problems. The rematch will comprise just two 3-minute rounds.

How can you watch the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch?

This time, the internet sensation’s match will be broadcast on Sky Sports pay-per-view, as well as being streamed in America on subscription service DAZN.

Hearn has said the cost of the match will be lower than the usual price of Box Office fights which is £19.95.

With Billy Joe Saunders defending his super-middleweight world title on the undercard, Hearn said: “We are still discussing how we are going to broadcast it because there is a chance it could be a cheaper-version PPV for the KSI vs Logan fight. More Streaming Option KSI Vs Logan Paul 2 Live Stream

YouTube TV

For the people living in the United States the best way to watch Ksi vs Logan Paul 2 is through YouTube Tv. All you need is a subscription to the service and then you would have access to the broadcast in live stream format. In case you are not living in the USA then just club it with any VPN service and enjoy the match.

KSI Vs Logan Paul 2 Using Roku

If you have a Roku device or service with you then its actually quite easy to watch the live stream of this game. Depending upon your country DAZN might or might not be available on your Roku device. In the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia its available on Roku. However for other countries, one must use a good quality VPN for accessing the content. Just do the same and enjoy the rematch at your own comfort.

Hulu with Live TV

This channel is based on the internet. It is cable like the only thing is that it does not stream through the cable network. The station can offer more than sixty channels and it is an opportunity for anybody who wants to watch that live on-demand. It is one of the most popular on the internet because of lots of programs they stream.

Furthermore, Hulu is great because compared to other providers, the company provides one of the cheapest services in that industry. The cost is the most affordable in the industry because they do not cost more than six dollars a month to watch all the interesting programs they offer. Moreover, the interface is great and user-friendly. Because of the wonderful programs they offer, many people cannot afford to ignore it. If you on a budget and you are looking for the most affordable way of watching that epic fight, then you can always consider this opportunity. They are reliable and affordable.

Sling TV App

There are lots of ways of watching that fight. You can do that through the various apps. One of such apps is the Sling television app. What the app does is that you can watch the fights streamed through them. You have to download that app from the official website of the online television channel. Before you can use the app to watch the fight you must first subscribe to their services. The most important thing here is that they provide you a free opportunity to try their services for one week before you can pay for it. All you need to do is to download and enjoy it for one week free.


You are already aware that DAZN intends to stream that fight live to many Americans. If you are one of those that hate using cables, all that you need to do is to head to the official website of this online streaming channel and watch that fight. When you subscribe to the service and download the app, you are ready to go. It is an alternative for those who do not want to watch it through television. You can download and begin to use the app after paying the subscription fee. Upcoming Event Thanksgiving Day Parade Live Stream

How to Watch KSI vs Logan Paul 2 From UK

The first fight took place in the UK and it was streamed through the Sky Sports. That channel is widely available in the country and it is expected that lots of fans across the UK will rely on the Sky Sports to watch that all-important rematch between the two white collars fighters. Those who do not want to watch the match through Sky Sports can do that through YouTube, and other social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter as well as Reddit sub-channels. Apart from that, they can easily hook to any of the American channels and that is possible through the VPN service. There are lots of VPN service providers they can choose from. You have to compare the cost of their services and make a choice. Those in the UK will watch the match from which is the time it would be streamed online across the country.