Gait in simple terms is a person’s way of walking. It’s also the movement of the limbs. Most golfers prefer to walk on the golf course as opposed to riding in a golf cart and there are many reasons why they choose this option.

Constantly walking on the golf course requires a golfer to have good golfing shoes that are ideal to his or her walking style. If you are a golfer yourself, here are a few tips on how to find the best golf shoes for your gait:

  1.   Check For Comfort

The element of comfort in the shoes means that they fit securely on your feet and they don’t move on your heel when you’re walking. Comfort also means that they fit perfectly on the toe box without cramping your toes.

The shoe should align well with your foot type. Go for a wide shoe if you have a wide foot and vice versa. Ensure that the shoe is also fitted with a good midsole that offers good cushioning to your feet. The upper of the shoe should also flex well and provide stability when you make a swing.

  1.   Check For Flexibility

Most golf courses are built on locations or terrains that are not even and as a golfer, you’ll need to be skilled enough to make excellent swings on these uneven slopes. To do this like a pro golfer, you’ll need to have shoes that have a high level of flexibility.

Every golfer knows that this game works with opposites. Swinging left sends the ball to the right and swinging down throws the ball up. As you make your swing, the area on your foot with the highest level of movement needs firm support in order to provide proper stability to your whole body.

As such, you need to have a golf shoe that’s flexible enough to accommodate the movement of your foot and have proper traction to prevent you from slipping and falling off.

  1.   Check For Stability

As you walk around the golf course making swings, there is a lot of pressure that builds up on your foot. Along with the pressure is your bodyweight that is projected down to your feet.

You need to have a shoe that has an in-built stabilizer that will be able to absorb all the pressure from the swing and movement of your body and keep your feet from swaying sideways, ensuring that you remain stable as you play on the golf course.

  1.   Consider The Outsole

The type of outsole you choose determines how well the golf shoe rhymes with your gait. The outsole can either be spiked or spikeless. The spiked outsole will come in handy in providing good traction on both wet and dry golf courses. Spikeless outsoles are more flexible and lightweight. They are similar in resemblance to running shoes.

Both of these options are good. You simply need to define which kind of golf course you’re wearing them on and also identify your style of walking.


These few tips will help you find the best golf shoes that line up with your gait. The lingering question in your mind now is, “Which shoes do I buy?” To answer that, here is a comfortable pair of golf shoes that you can buy.