Boxing gloves are a combat essential especially if you are into boxing kickboxing or MMA. They are as much of a fighting aid as the protective gear. The best boxing gloves will keep your hand and knuckles safe against injuries. At the same time, they are comfortable with a soft inner lining and snug fitting. The right boxing gloves will give you the confidence to fight at your full potential without worrying about your safety. Moreover, the right pair of fighting boxing gloves will even increase the impact of your punches for better performance.

How to Choose the Best Boxing Gloves

With a myriad of products available in the market for such a huge variety of brands, and so many different specifications, it gets quite difficult to choose the best boxing gloves, especially for beginners. So, here we are, listing down some of the most basic yet most important features to consider while buying boxing gloves.

Comfort is the Key

There is no point in getting a pair of boxing gloves you cannot wear for more than 10 minutes. While there are gloves that make your hands sweaty, grimy and suffocated, there are many great options available in the market too that are worth buying.

The best boxing gloves come with soft breathable inner lining. That is comfortable to wear and feels fresh and dry even with intense physical training. the inner lining must be moisture wicking for the best experience. In addition to this, the best boxing gloves must have a comfortable yet snug fitting with good closure are the risk. They must allow easy fist closure for better punching power.

Size Matters the Most

Boxing gloves must neither be too tight to feel suffocated nor too lose that your hands keep slipping and moving inside. This will not only make you feel uncomfortable and disturb your focus in the fight, but it will also increase the chances of injury instead of protecting you from injuries. Therefore, always choose the right size. It must fit snugly yet feel comfortable.

Protection is the Purpose

The main purpose of wearing boxing gloves is to protect the hands from injuries. When you punch and fight, the force of the impact poses a risk of knuckle and wrist injuries. At the same time, your hands can get bruises and even bleed from this impact. The best boxing gloves must have optimal padding in the hitting area with an ergonomic shape and design to minimize the impact of the hits and protect your hands from bruising and injuries. Moreover, there must be strong wrist support preferably with some padding to keep your wrists safe fro the negative impact too.

Durability is Important

Your boxing gloves are going to take a lot of abuse whether you use them for heavy bag training, focus pad training or sparring. They must be reliable with strong construction and fine stitching to take all that abuse and still hold their shape perfectly. The foam quality must be good enough to hold shape and not break apart easily. Moreover, the outer surface must be durable to take all the wear with hits and friction the gloves are going to face.

Genuine leather gloves are usually the most durable. However, high-quality PU artificial leather is also quite resistant to wear and tear. Vinyl gloves might not be the best choice as it wears off quite easily.

The Best Boxing Gloves in 2019

Now that you know what to look for in a good pair of boxing gloves, here are our top picks from some of the best brands in the market. These gloves are comfortable to wear for long training and fight sessions and offer superior protection to your hands. At the same time, these boxing gloves act as a fighting aid and improve your overall performance with their unique anatomical hand designs and solid construction.

Starpro M33 Kickboxing Gloves for Beginners

Starpro M33 kickboxing gloves are truly a unique piece of perfection. These gloves are a combination of highly innovative technology, intricate craftsmanship, and experience of their expert artisans. They look classy yet modern in their matt black finish. They come with highly shock absorbent foam padding and an anatomical hand design that offers the perfect protection to the hands. With soft hydra flow inner lining and high-tech Velcro closure, these gloves offer a snug yet comfortable fitting for the best performance. These boxing gloves really are a great investment for beginners as well as professional athletes.

Never compromise on safety when it come to combat sports. choose the best boxing gloves, training equipment and protective gear for the best experience.