As Robert Plant said, “Good Times, Bad Times, you know I had my share.” Everybody can have hard times that happen at the most unexpected and unnecessary moment, and the worst thing is when these failures relate to finances. Therefore, you should reflect on how to cope with hard times not feel hungry and poverty, believing that everything will be better in the future. You may also read this article to make sure that your future is going to be even better!

Cash only.

Certainly, a bank card is an incredibly convenient thing. You do not have to spend a few minutes, taking money out from your wallet or pocket, annoying the sellers and queued people. You need just to insert a card, put your pin number, and get away with the groceries. However, if you have a dark financial cloud over your head and you start dealing with hard times, it is better to pay in cash. When you pay in cash, you feel your expenses much better. If you have spent a great deal of money and now you have a little cash, your brain begins to understand that it is necessary to slow down.

A piggy bank is still valid.

Dealing with hard times, you should remember about your first financial adviser – a piggy bank, which keeps your money safely. However, sooner or later any piggy bank becomes a victim of the greed, and you toss it on the floor in order to fetch precious insides.

Take what’s given you.

Life is full of complexities and disappointments, so you need to snap boldly everything that goes into your hands. If your friend offers a new jacket for free, there is no reason to refuse. There is nothing humiliating in taking from acquaintances some items that they do not need if they are in good quality and you really need them. How to deal with hard times in life? Take it easy and don’t refuse any help, it’s now time for hubris.

Cook yourself.

There is a terrible secret: it is much more profitable to cook food yourself than to order a food delivery, even taking into account electricity, gas, and water, spent on washing and cooking. There are so many simple and tasty recipes that even a beginner will be able to deal with.

Choose another type of catering.

How to cope with hard times? Hard times are reflected sooner or later in gastronomic preferences. If you could go to restaurants or cafes in stable times, now your best friends are street food and fast food restaurants. The problem is that even such food costs money, and if the pockets are completely empty, then even such savings will not help. Therefore, all that will help you are cooking. Buy products and cook yourself some food to go. Only a hunger strike can be more saving.

Use the applications.

Free applications, cash-back services and other joys of life help save some money. The main thing is to be able to use them, only then they will become beneficial. It is better to use several applications at once, such as with a taxi. Only alternating and selecting, you will find a benefit.

Set aside unnecessary things.

It’s time to get rid of everything that you do not use. Stop paying a penny for a home phone, stop turning on the TV for its noise because you have internet and a computer. In general, if you want to save money, do not turn on the home appliances without a serious reason. Pay sites that you almost do not visit, and pay applications, without which you can do, are unnecessary now. Have patience.

Use a public WC.

If you have too hard times and you have to save literally on oxygen, then listen to the most important life hack, which made millionaires billionaires. You should use only public WC, so go to the restroom in the office in order to save on toilet paper. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs became successful only thanks to careful savings on the toilet paper.