Over the years, many great golf players have come up as seen in different competition and tournaments. Notable figures include names like Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods and many others who have proved themselves in this prestigious sport. Playing at the Espiche Golf Course is much more competitive than it has been in the past. There are many more skilful golfers showing up in these golf courses than in past competition. Each year has produced golfers at different levels and there is still more to expect looking at the growing trends in the sport. Here are the top 3 golfers of 2019 that made a great contribution to the sport:

1. Dustin Johnson

Johnson has occupied the top-ranking positions in golf throughout the year. His performances make him among the most successful golfers of 2019. He has competed against the biggest names in the industry and prevailed. He has emerged the winner in two occasions of the 12 competitions he participated in 2019. Of these, he came second a record two times. He also managed to be in top 10 at least four times in other major competitions.  This includes the PGA championship where many other professional golfers have participated. His performances at Pebble Beach put him on the map and it is no surprise that he is being held in high regard when it comes to golf events held in 2019. His prowess began back in 2016 after many years of training and taking part in competitive golf. His efforts have finally paid off this year.

2. Brooks Koepka

The rise of Brooks Koepka has been seen through his great performances in major championships. He is a great example of how one can learn and improve golf skills over the years and become successful. From his achievements in 2019, it is no doubt that he matches what Tiger Woods has been able to do. He has gotten to this level and has continuously proved himself to be a worthy competitor in golf tournaments. Out of the eight major golf championships that he has played, he has won four of them. In May 2019, he won over Dustin Johnson in a PGA championship. He has been engaged in a tight race with Tiger Woods coming one stroke behind him in one occasion. He has emerged the winner once and came in second a couple of times came in top 10 in other events. He is now a major player in big golf championships.

3. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is almost synonymous with golf. He is still one of the most celebrated golfers of our time. Winning the Masters in 2019 makes him one of the top golfers at this present age since he has not lost his golf touch completely.  Upcoming golf players are still finding him a big challenge to overcome. There has been a lot of talk around him on whether he will go back to his best and 2019 seems to have been good for him. What he had been able to do is no mean achievement. He had managed to re-establish himself among the best golfers at the moment and that is why he can be considered a top player in the sport. Looking back at history and comparing him with players who began during his time, there is no doubt that he is a force to reckon.

Final Remarks

Golf activities continue to make waves around the globe featuring great names in tournaments and heater competitions. In all these, there have been notable golf players whose success has not gone unnoticed. These three are among the top golfers of 2019 to have made great strides in the sport.