Time management is one of the most important skills for student-athletes. The secret of success for any student-athlete is to be highly organized and take a highly proactive approach to life.

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To be a successful student-athlete, you have to learn to balance your academic and athletic commitments effectively. How can you do that? In this article from experts of educational portal located at https://my-custom-essays.com, you will find easy tips on how to improve time management skills as a student-athlete.

Set Goals for Yourself

You should start with setting your academic and athletic goals. You have to decide what you want to achieve. Is your ultimate goal to become a professional athlete? Do you want to get a great job in your major field? Or would you like to find some great combination of the two? To achieve success, you need to become goal-oriented and consistently work towards your goal.

Make a To-Do List

When you set your goal, you will need to make certain steps to achieve them. Create a list of steps you have to make to achieve specific goals. It will be easier to manage your time and determine your priorities. And you will feel satisfied to cross off small goals that you have achieved as you come nearer to your main goal. With a to-do list, you will be focused and stay on track for your goals.

You should set deadlines for certain tasks to be completed and do everything at the appropriate time to get into the routine. That will help you develop habits. Don’t procrastinate and complete all your tasks on the due time.

Learn to Prioritize Your Tasks

As to your workouts, they are scheduled for you but when it comes to your academic tasks, it’s up to you to decide which of them requires your attention first. You might be tempted to start with easier and low-priority assignments but that is wrong. A good rule of thumb is to start with most urgent and most important tasks and to leave less important and non-urgent tasks for later.

Schedule your homework in advance to have a good idea how much time you need to dedicate to your homework and study. You will be able to sort your tasks by their importance and deadline.

You should plan ahead your athletic and academic activities at least two weeks in advance so that you could anticipate the approaching deadlines for your academic projects. To have a piece of mind, create your own deadline for academic assignments and complete them just after they have been assigned and not the week they are due.

Avoid Distractions

It’s so easy to get distracted with days with the quick development of mobile devices. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat allow us to stay in touch with our friends and check current events but they can be a great distraction if you devote too much of your precious time to them. You shouldn’t spend more than an hour a day on social media to maximize the productive time of your day.

Always turn off your phone when you are doing your homework. Studying requires all your attention. When you stay focused on what you are doing, you increase productivity and achieve better results.

Be ready to say ‘no’ to situations, people or events that distract you from accomplishing your goals. When doing this, you will act as a responsible and successful adult.

Communicate with Your Professors

Establish an open dialog with your professors. You should use your networking skills to develop professional relationships with your professors. Explain them your concerns about balancing athletic responsibilities with academic work, so that they could help you achieve your goals as a student-athlete. Your professors are sure to appreciate your initiative.

Strong time management skills are critical for student-athletes because they help you get more results out of less time. Remember that they are a learned trait. If you are consistent in practicing them, they will feel more natural and one day you will discover that they are a part of your character.