The New Orleans Pelicans‘ playoff push begins now. With the All-Star break ending, it’s time for the team to get back to work. As the season heads down the second stretch, New Orleans is fighting for a playoff spot. Anthony Davis and the Pels are winning the games that count. With a 31-26 record, the Pelicans currently hold the eighth overall seed in the Western Conference.  Pelicans fans have a lot of reason to feel positive about their team making the post-season.  Many of them are using Jackpotjoy Promo Code to wager on the Pelicans.

The New Orleans Pelicans Playoff Push

First Half Struggles

The first half of the season was a stressful one for this team. Especially when DeMarcus Cousins went down, New Orleans thought all was lost. But head coach Alvin Gentry has the team solidifying its spot in the playoffs. Although the Pelicans have yet to peak, their fans can take pride in a lot of what they’d done so far. In Davis, the team has one of the best players in the league leading the charge. But New Orleans knows that earning that final spot won’t be easy. With teams like the Denver Nuggets trailing, the Pelicans have to win meaningful games down the stretch.

Full-On Playoff Run

With the season nearing March, things are heating up in the league. The Houston Rocketshave overtaken the Golden State Warriors for first place, and the Toronto Raptors are holding their own at the top of the East. What about the bottom tier teams clinging for life? Put the Pelicans in that category. Without Cousins, New Orleans is a different team. However, they do have Rajon Rondo to take the secondary leadership role in Cousins’ absence. The full-on playoff run has officially begun, Pels fans.

New Orleans will have a tough road to make the playoffs, surely. But that doesn’t mean that the team will stop fighting for what it wants: a deep postseason run. If the team can add an additional piece to the rotation by April, it can surely make a push.

Anthony Davis’ Leadership

When the Pelicans drafted Anthony Davis, they knew what they were getting. Davis is a franchise player who can carry the team and the city to glory. Given that Davis has lacked strong help for years, adding Cousins and Rondo was music to Pelicans’ fans ears. Bringing in pivotal players who can balance out the scheme has helped tremendously. However, injuries have plagued the team quite often.

Injuries Hurting Play

The Pelicans’ playoff push would be more significant with Cousins in the starting five. Though the team hasn’t let the major injury get them down, the scheme has switched up. All of the injuries plaguing the Pelicans could affect them in the playoffs. But that will not stop them from chasing a title. New Orleans basketball has always been mediocre or average, at best. Instill franchise players like Davis, and this team can go far – with help, of course. Adding Cousins and Rondo and keeping Jrue Holiday has been amazing for the franchise.

Final Run to the Playoffs

The Pelicans are seeking a playoff spot once again. As they chase that final Western Conference seed, the fans should embark on the incredible journey with them. Just making the postseason should excite the fan base about what is to come. The future is bright in New Orleans.