Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson has left the building, ladies and gentlemen.

The Lakers shake-up shocked the world. Apparently, even LeBron James found the departure unexpected. However, this is old news. What’s new is the Los Angeles Lakers are back to dumpster-fire status.

With that said, it will be interesting to see what the off-season brings –especially with the spotlight LeBron James is in– and what online sports betting site will list the Lakers at next season.

Magic Owes LeBron Nothing

You’ve seen the headline, and it’s been repeated in various sports media articles circling around the net. But it’s also true. Furthermore, LeBron James’ passive agressive getting old. We still have no idea about exactly what was happening with the Lakers organization internally. Perhaps a phone call from Magic to LeBron giving him a heads up would have been polite. But we don’t know what the situation was or the legal aspects. Perhaps for PR or contractual reasons, Magic couldn’t tell LeBron or anyone else for that matter. We do know that Magic left, partly, because he couldn’t help players how he wanted, or say what he wanted to say. So, maybe that has something to do with it.

Additionally, would it matter? Does it change anything? If Magic would have called LeBron James just before the official announcement, would it change anything? Odds are Lebron would still feel slighted, even if feeling slighted was purely manufactured for drama in his new HBO production.

A Brief Message to Lebron – Sure, you’re LeBron James, but this is Magic Johnson we are talking about here. It was a weak move to call out Magic on your show. This passive aggressive behavior is exactly why a lot of people think you’re a conniving, back-stabbing manipulator. Look at what happened with coaching in Cleveland … and in Miami. Look at the way Kyrie took off.

LeBron is talking smack about an icon who has a giant bronze statue in front of the arena that James plays at. Absolutely ridiculous. Furthermore, Jennie Buss tweeted a picture of her and Magic smiling over dinner –after LeBron so dutifully called Magic out. So, it’s clear that the Lakers organization doesn’t share the same sentiments as LeBron James.

It’s obvious that LeBron James is just angry about the Lakers botching the deal with Tyronn Lue. Lue is the perfect coach for James, because he essentially let’s LeBron James run the show, but has the cajones to take oer when needed. Remember David Blatt? LeBron would just nudge him out of huddles and call the plays. Then losses would fall on Blatt’s head. Interesting.

Now, an agent has coaching control –what the heck? And the Lakers have Frank Vogel and Jason Kidd, which is also interesting. So, there could be a power struggle, there will definitely be a person the players listen to more. And James will almost certain pull his, let’s-get-the coach-fired-so-I-can-run-the-show shennanigens once more. And Vogel will always be looking over his shoulder wonder if and when Jason Kidd is going to take his job.

“If you hate the Los Angeles Lakers, this is a hilarious time to be alive.” – Golf Digest

The Lakers have a good amount of money to spend, but will any top player want to play with LeBron at this point? With that said, is it in the Lakers’ best interest to keep LeBron if they aren’t able to build around him? The Magic is literally gone. He left the building. LeBron’s magic is also gone. He’s still great player, but his character has been found wanting. Get ready fo another 7th consecutive season looking at the playoffs from the outside.