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Author: Collin Reid

The Warriors’ Game 2 Defense

After not being able to capitalize on their few advantages over the Golden State Warriors in game one on Saturday, the Spurs bounced back in the first half of game two. The Spurs didn’t play into the strengths of Golden State’s defense quite as much, limiting the time that non-shooters played. Kyle Anderson, who has shown growth this season and has been an important part of the Spurs’ success to this point, played only 10 minutes, down nearly 17 minutes from his season average of 26.7 minutes per game. Dejounte Murray, the Spurs’ sophomore starting point guard, played only...

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The Warriors’ Defense in Game One

For the last several weeks of the regular season, the Golden State Warriors were seemingly slipping. Some attributed this to the Warriors’ complacency after making three deep playoff runs in the same number of seasons. Others pointed to the injuries that the Warriors had suffered – Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson all missed time over the last month of the regular season and Curry is still out. Ultimately, the cause for their sub-par play down the stretch was probably some combination of the two, and the stats were reflecting these issues. From March 1st to the end...

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