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Wrestling Review Weekly: Second Edition, Number Three

August 24th, 2014 at 2:34 PM
By Peter Schifani

We're back this week with another edition of the weekly wrap-up of all things in the two major wrestling promotions here in the United States. TNA got some good news and bad news within the same week, while WWE came off what many feel was a lackluster 'SummerSlam' last Sunday night.

TNA wrestling got some good news this past week after negotiations between themselves and SpikeTV netted them a continuation of there contract through the end of 2014 versus it's original expiration at the end of September. This certainly buys them more time to find a permanent home either staying on SpikeTV or elsewhere. Unfortunately though since all of there Impact broadcasts are already "in the can" between now and then it's hard to say how things will play out for Bully Ray, who left TNA since his contract expired, and Davey Richards, one half of the TNA World Tag-Team Champions, who broke a leg at a house show recently. The series of matches between The Wolves, Team 3D and the Hardy Boyz starts this Wednesday with the winner of the first match naming the stipulation for the next match, and the first team to collect two victories becoming the TNA World Tag-Team Champions! Also a new number one contender to TNA World Champion Lashley was to be decided within the six sides of steel, but both Bobby Roode and Eric Young escaped on opposite sides simultaneously leaving Kurt Angle to decide if either or both will get that upcoming title shot. Lastly Gail Kim retained her TNA Women's Knockout Championship in a brutal "last knockout standing" match versus Angelina Love on Wednesday night's Impact broadcast. May be Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim can finally now have that third and deciding match between them for the title.

Well coming off 'SummerSlam' last Sunday night WWE turned the corner to fully introduce there new logo that has been used for the WWE Network since it's launch. That meant a refresh for all of the championship belts in WWE, including the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that debuted Monday night on Raw. The Authority presented the new championship to Brock Lesnar with custom logo side plates. John Cena invoked his re-match clause to try to recapture said gold at 'Night of Champions' next month, but it will be an uphill battle against the dominate force that is Brock Lesnar. The budding feud between the Bella Twins took a spiteful turn as Nikki Bella slapped the heck out of her sister Brie on Raw. Probably the most vicious segment on Raw in some years took place during the "Falls Count Anywhere" match the WWE Universe voted upon for the rematch between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Unbeknownst to Ambrose was the trap that awaited him from the Director of Operations Kane and the light weight "concrete" blocks under the time keepers table at ring side. A second "curb stomp" while Kane held Ambrose over them proved his undoing and Rollins was awarded the contest. The "lunatic fringe" left the arena on his own power however instead of going to a local medical facility. It remains to be seen when Ambrose will return.

Lastly the NWA launched there new digital online Ringside Magazine this past week with features on the current champions and more from around there member territories. They do plan on some type of national television broadcast in the future but as yet it's uncertain when that will occur. It should be great viewing when it happens.

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