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Top 10 Wrestling Families: Countdown Part Four

August 21st, 2014 at 2:22 PM
By Peter Schifani

In the last part of our monthly Top 10 countdown we revealed families number four and three so here we showcase the number two family, The Von Erichs. There was so much to say about them that we had to give them there own edition, but caution readers that some sensitive subject matter is discussed.

Number Two: The Von Erichs

Jack Adkisson was the huge bear of a man that with his Iron Claw finishing hold held sway over many opponents and his family for all of his life. He had been wrestling for some years before adopting the persona of Fritz Von Erich a German who hated America that gave him his greatest success in the ring. Fritz won the NWA American Heavyweight Championship on 13 occasions and Texas title three times among many other championships. His first son Jack Jr. died tragically by electrocution in a puddle of water at a six when the family was living near Niagra Falls, NY. All of his other sons would compete in the wrestling ring, starting with oldest (and only surviving son) Kevin. David Von Erich died in 1984 in Japan but not before winning the Texas title on eight occasions, and the NWA Six-man titles twice with Kerry and Kevin among many other championships. Kerry Von Erich is the name that many remember most amongst all of Fritz's sons since after leaving WCCW he won the Intercontinental Championship once in the WWF as the "Texas Tornado." Kerry and Kevin each held the American Heavyweight title five times, as the predecessor to the WCWA World Championship. Kerry lost his lower right leg in a motorcycle accident in 1986 and wrestled the remainder of his career, until his death in 1993, with a prosthetic under his boot. Mike Von Erich tried to replace his brother David, but was never the same after a near death experience with toxic shock syndrome following shoulder surgery. He died in 1987 being the first brother to commit suicide. Four year later his brother Chris did the same because he really wanted badly to compete with his brothers, and did some, but was too undersized to be a regular in-ring competitor. Fortunately the legacy of the Von Erich family lives on today with Kerry's daughter Lacey competing for TNA before retiring in 2010. Kevin Von Erich's two sons Ross and Marshall are slowly breaking into the business as well and competed for TNA at 'Slammiversary' in June. The entire Von Erich family was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009.

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