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Top 10 Wrestling Families: Countdown Part Three

August 19th, 2014 at 4:43 PM
By Peter Schifani

The wrestling business is one that involves many families over the years, and we look more in depth at the those we believe are part of the Top 10 here with numbers four and three. We have decided the number two wrestling family needed it's own spotlight as well for later this week. In case you missed part two, please go back to read it here, and it includes a link back to part one.

Number Four: The Hennigs

Larry "The Axe" Hennig began wrestling in 1956 and eventually joined the AWA in 1963. During his career he captured the AWA World Tag-Team Championship a total of four times, once with Duke Hoffman, but the other three with his key partner "Handsome" Harley Race. A brutal knee injury in 1967 made his career somewhat lackluster but never ended his desire to compete. His son Curt Hennig, also know as "Mr. Perfect" during his WWF run, was the most successful member of the family to date. While in the AWA he won there World Tag-Team titles once with partner Scott Hall and the World Heavyweight Championship once in the famous match at the Cow Palace in San Francisco where Larry Zybyszko helped him complete a heel turn versus Nick Bockwinkel. He joined the WWF and stayed there for the better part of a decade adopting the "Mr. Perfect" persona. He won the Intercontinental Championship twice. He left WWF for WCW in 1997 and while there won the WCW United States title once and World Tag-Team titles once as well with partner Barry Windham. His son Joe Hennig competes under the name "Curtis Axel" taking cues from both his fathers and grandfather's names. He won the WWE Tag-Team titles once with David Otunga as Michael McGillicutty and the Intercontinental Championship once in 2013 winning it on Father's Day. He currently competes in a tag-team with Ryback as "RybAxel." We found that Curt daughter Amy also competes in wrestling today.

Number Three: The Ortons

The lineage of the Orton family starts with Bob Sr, the grandfather of Randy Orton and father of "Cowboy" Bob Orton. He began wrestling in 1951 as "The Big O" and "Bulldog" Bob Orton.During his career that eventually ended in July, 2000 with is retirement he captured many NWA regional championships. He often competed in the WWWF (now WWE) as Rocky Fitzpatrick. Bob Sr. passed in July, 2006. His son Bob Orton Jr. also known as "Ace" throughout his career also had mild success in the wrestling business. His biggest claim to fame was being part of the main event of the first 'WrestleMania' in the corner of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff. He never won any championship in WWE but before he came there he won some regional NWA titles including the Florida Heavyweight title and Florida Tag-Team titles three times, one of those with his father. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005. His son, Randy Orton, another third generation superstar has garnered the most success so far in the family. Randy is a 12 time World Champion, winning the WWE's top prize on eight occasions as part of those 12 title runs. He also captured the Intercontinental Championship once and World Tag-Team titles once with Edge as "Rated RKO." "The Viper" or "Legend Killer" as he was originally known for getting over on older wrestlers is known for his finisher the "RKO" or Randy Knock-Out.

Well there you go more info on two more great families that have competed in the world of pro wrestling. In two day we present the number two family, The Von Erichs. We caution you that it will contain some sensitive subjects but we must honor them as the lived and died in/around the sport.

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