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Wrestling Review Weekly, First Edition: Number 51

July 20th, 2014 at 2:34 PM
By Peter Schifani

As we saw this past week in the world of professional wrestling/sports entertainment saw TNA return to the use of the six-sided ring, which had occurred during there recent tapings in NYC. Meanwhile the freight train entitled WWE continued its way along setting up all matches for 'BattleGround' later tonight.

TNA's Impact wrestling broadcast opened with Director of Wrestling Operations Kurt Angle showcasing the return to the six-sided ring. The main reason it was used during the heyday of TNA was because of the many and varied action that could occur during X-Division matches. An X-Division title gauntlet match was on the card and saw new champion Austin Aries defend by eventually beating Sanada after all the other competitors had been tossed out battle royal style. TNA will also be recording matches for 'Destination X' to feature the use of the six-sided ring, and possibly the brief return for that event of former X-Division stars. Also on Impact "Team 3D" of Bully Ray and Devon reunited due to the angle between Tommy Dreamer, Rhino and the House of Hardcore (HOH) versus TNA/Dixie Carter. Lashley defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Jeff Hardy, who will also be reuniting with his brother Matt as the rest of these prior tapings are shown on television.

Things in WWE got somewhat more interesting as Roman Reigns continued his current push by confronting WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena since both are part of the fatal four way championship match Sunday night. Also the war of words between Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho continued even though the only clue given by Gray as to why the Wyatts attacked Jericho upon his recent return was that Y2J had always promised to "save us" and that never really happened in Bray's eyes/mind. The biggest question remains amongst the 20 men entered into the battle royal for vacant Intercontinental Championship who will come out victorious? The betting money would have been on Cesaro a few weeks back but he has since gone into a losing streak, which could just be a swerve, but then may be the current United States Champion Sheamus could emerge from the crowd to "unify" the titles. The possibilities abound so let us know who you think will win WWE's number two prize.

Well that was about all from this past week in two major U.S. promotions. In case you missed it though, on Friday July 18th the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) celebrated it's 66th anniversary as the oldest continuous wrestling governing body in the United States.

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