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Top 10 Women Wrestlers: Countdown Part Two

July 16th, 2014 at 4:32 PM
By Peter Schifani

Last week we started our July Top 10 countdown with three very special women wrestlers and now we continue with numbers seven, six and five. In case you missed part one you may read it here. Next week we reveal numbers four, three and two, with number one the last week of the month.

Number Seven: Victoria/Tara

The woman who's real name is Lisa Marie Varon started competed in WWE in 2000 after competing in both bodybuilding and fitness competitions just a few years prior. She would train in WWE's developmental territories for a time before coming up to the main roster as one of the Godfather's Ho's but she really got her start in a feud with fellow fitness competitor Trish Stratus. During her seven years in WWE she won the Women's Championship twice, but never the Divas title. While she was always a solid worker for WWE she retired in January, 2009. After about five months away from the ring she joined TNA in May, 2009. During her four years with the company she held the TNA Women's Knockout Championship seven times, and helped to give the title more prestige because of her prior time in WWE. While is no longer wrestling as of this year, 2014, she does own a restaurant in Chicago, Illinois entitled "The Squared Circle" that is frequented by wrestlers when in town and fans alike.

Number Six: Sable

Some might be surprised to know that the real life Rena Greek (Mero) is married to Brock Lesnar as of May, 2006. While she only won the WWE Women's Championship on one occasion it's because of her contributions to the sport that helped bring along many of today's "Divas" that is why she ranked this highly on out list. Sable debuted with Triple H back in 1996, but quickly was taken away from his "mistreatment" by her then husband Marc Mero. Soon she gained more popularity than her husband due to breast augmentation and her feminine ways and the jealousy between them lead to her working in the ranks of the Women's division instead of escorting men to the ring. Sable most famously appeared on an episode of Raw sporting a bikini bottom and painted hand prints covering her breasts during the time before she separated from Mero professionally. She was the first of several WWE Divas to appear nude in Playboy magazine during the "Attitude Era." She left WWE in 1999 and filed a sexual harassment lawsuit that was eventually reduced in scale and settled out of court. Sable returned a few years later in 2003 to feud with then Playboy cover girl Torrie Wilson in her role as a heel. In August, 2004 she left WWE for good to concentrate on her family life.

Number Five: Gail Kim

The Canadian born Gail Kim started her career in wrestling in 2000 before joining WWE in 2002 where she trained in there developmental territory before being called up the main roster on June 30, 2003. It was significant because she won a seven women Battle Royal to become the new Women's Champion, winning it in her first televised appearance for WWE. She held the title for only four weeks, and it would be the only time she would win the WWE's top prize. As part of cost cutting move she was let go in November, 2004 and then joined TNA in 2005. Kim would be the manager for "America's Most Wanted" for about two years until TNA would finally crown there own Women's Champion at 'Bound for Glory' in 2007. That woman would be Gail Kim, who outlasted nine others in a ten woman gauntlet match. She would go on to hold the TNA Women's Knockout Championship three more times since, despite returning to WWE between 2008 and 2011, and is the current titleholder. She is married to chef Robert Irvine the host of "Restaurant: Impossible" on the Food Network.

Now that we have chosen six of the top 10 women wrestlers of all-time please feel free to debate the merits of those written about already. More to come in part three in a week's time, and finally number one in the final week of the month.

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