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WWE ‘Money in the Bank’ Special Event Preview, Part Two

June 28th, 2014 at 7:27 PM
By Peter Schifani

Now as we continue our preview of the next WWE special event 'Money In The Bank' on Sunday we take a look at the two upper card ladder matches. In case you missed our part one preview you may read it here.

'Money In The Bank' Ladder Match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto Del Rio versus Randy Orton versus U.S. Champion Sheamus versus Cesaro w/Paul Heyman versus Bray Wyatt versus Roman Reigns versus John Cena versus Kane

Peter Schifani:

Wow, now this is an eight pack challenge it's even harder to tell who come out of the fray as the new champion. We will give you two names, John Cena since he featured on the 'SummerSlam' poster and "spoiler alert" Cesaro. It may not be quite the time for him to be elevated just yet though, so Cena becomes a 15 time World Champion.

Mark Eddinger (Motorsports101):

Looking forward to this 'Money In The Bank' pay-per-view right after 'WrestleMania' XXX it seemed that Cesaro was destined to win the 'Money In The Bank' briefcase but then Daniel Bryan needed neck surgery and the whole card of MitB changed because of it. Will Cesaro still win the main event match and became WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the first time? I think it is a possibility but something in my gut tells me that Roman Reigns is going to win. Since I don't trust that I think it will be John Cena winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

'Money In The Bank' Contract Ladder Match

Seth Rollins versus Dean Ambrose versus Jack Swagger versus Kofi Kingston versus Rob Van Dam versus Dolph Ziggler (Bad News Barrett is OUT/Injury)

Peter Schifani:

Barrett was injured Tuesday night so will likely not be competing in this match, as to whom may replace him I would suggest Bo Dallas. We still find it hard to see anyone but either Rollins or Ambrose winning this match. It may take an assist by fellow "Evolution" mate Randy Orton or Triple H to anoint Rollins with the contract to cash in sometime in the next year. Rollins and Ambrose will be feuding for some time after this match.

Mark Eddinger (Motorsports101):

Bad News for Bad News Barrett and wrestling fans hit when he was injured Tuesday night in a taping of Smackdown. I don't think Barrett was going to win but he was going to be a major part of this match. Will he be replaced by someone? Probably not. To me the winner will come from either Seth Rollins or Dolph Ziggler. Seth Rollins though seems poised to hold the briefcase as a heel character with the Authority behind him. My pick is Seth Rollins. Then in the works should be a great one on one feud with Rollins and Ambrose over the next two or so months.

Well that concludes our thoughts on the four announced matches for far doe the card at 'Money In The Bank' and surely WWE will add some filler to the event. We will of course report those matches on our facebook page, and feel free to give us your thoughts on who/whom you believe will be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the end of the night.

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