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Wrestling Review Weekly, First Edition: Number 47

June 22nd, 2014 at 7:42 PM
By Peter Schifani

Now as we all enter into summer here in the United States the world of pro wrestling/sports entertainment heats up as well. TNA had there latest pay-per-view 'Slammiversary' last Sunday while WWE is moving on towards 'Money In The Bank' on the final Sunday in June.

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TNA had the third of there four major pay-per-views last Sunday entitled 'Slammiversary' which saw Eric Young defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries in a triple threat match only to lose the title Thursday on Impact to Bobby Lashley cleanly in a one-on-one contest. Now that MVP's little trio has the TNA World title how long will it be before he takes over TNA completely? Only TNA President Dixie Carter and he "nephew" ECIII can seemingly stand in his way. Dixie called out Tommy Dreamer on Impact over there twitter war when certain TNA talent was not able to be utilized at Dreamer's recent "House of Hardcore" event in Poughkeepsie, NY. We are sure that Dixie giving Dreamer a "low blow" and Ethan Carter beating up on Dreamer will lead to another cross-over one night only pay-per-view event for TNA and the HoH talent. Also on Impact Gail Kim defeated Angelina Love to become the new TNA Women's Knockout Champion.

Meanwhile in WWE the split up of The Shield has gone rather "peacefully" except for the pending hostilities between Evolution's Seth Rollins and his former Shield-mate Dean Ambrose. We are sure Ambrose will be added to the 'Money In The Bank" contract ladder match which so far only has Seth Rollins participating. The ladder match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship was finalized though as John Cena defeated Kane in a stretcher match on Raw, and Roman Reigns won a battle royal that he had originally been banned from by The Authority. Reigns was able to persuade Vickie Guerrero to include him after Triple H had put her in charge while he tended to his violently ill wife Stephanie McMahon. We could see an Intercontinental Championship match added to 'Money In The Bank' as Dolph Ziggler got a non-title match victory over Bad News Barrett on Smackdown Friday night.

Well that is about all of the big news out of the two major promotions here in the United States. We are sure there will be more to come as the summer truly begins to heat up in late June and the coming months.

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