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Top 10 Wrestling Tag-Teams, Countdown Part Two

June 11th, 2014 at 5:43 PM
By Peter Schifani

Last week we started this month's Top 10 countdown with the numbers 10, nine and eight best tag-teams in pro wrestling. Now as we continue it's time to reveal the next three, number seven, six and five, but in case you missed part one you may go back to read it here.

Number Seven: "Rock 'n' Roll Express" -Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson

While they didn't always win a lot of major tag-team championships there are not many teams that can say they've been together for the better part of the last 30 plus years like Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson. They got there start in the business in Bill Watts' Mid-South promotion where they did win the tag-team titles on three occasions. While in Mid-South they started feuding with a similarly named team the Midnight Express that carried over into Jim Crockett Promotions (predecessor to WCW) where they won the Mid-Atlantic version of the NWA World Tag-Team Championship on four occasions and the actual NWA titles once. They would briefly wrestle in the AWA and feud with the Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) then returned to the NWA in 1989. This time the team would break up when Morton turned on Gibson so that Morton could join the York Foundation. When Jim Cornette formed Smokey Mountain Wrestling in the mid 1990's they got back together and won the SMW tag-team championships 10 times. They would make sporadic appearances in WCW, WWE, and TNA over the next decade or so and still wrestle together in the NWA today. One cannot forget there finishing move the double drop kick, which took out many an opponent.

Number Six: "Harlem Heat/Ebony Experience" -Stevie Ray & Booker T

The real life Huffman brothers began wrestling in the early 1990's in Texas and soon found there way to the Global Wrestling Federation (GWF) which held there show at the Sportatorium in Dallas after WCCW became the USWA. While in the GWF they won the tag-team titles on three occasions as the Ebony Experience. After the GWF folded the duo moved on to WCW and were renamed Harlem Heat. While they were in WCW they would hold the World Tag-Team Championships for a record 10 reigns there. They defeated some very good times during those ten title reigns, including Sting and Lex Luger and the Steiner Brothers. For a time in 1997 while Stevie Ray took time off to recover from an injury Booker T would become somewhat successful in the singles ranks, including winning the WCW World Television Championship. When Stevie Ray returned to action he joined the nWo but Booker T eventually convinced him to re-join him as Harlem Heat. When WCW was purchased by WWE in 2001 Booker T would come over while Stevie Ray would not.

Number Five: Edge & Christian

These real life friends who grew up near each other in Toronto, Canada. They got there start wrestling the independent circuit in Canada in the early 1990's. By 1998 they were discovered by the WWF and Edge was brought in as a "loner" and one of his first feud's was with Gangrel. Christian would soon debut as an associate of Gangrel's who cost Edge a match against Owen Hart. Eventually Edge would be convinced to join them and "The Brood" was formed. After that ran it's course Edge and Christian would begin feuding with the Hardy Boyz, which included a five match series over the services of Terri Runnels as there manager that was won by the Hardy Boyz. The duo would continue on but show more of there comedic side including there famous "five second pose" which was "for the benefit of those with flash photography." It was during this time, 1999 through 2001, that they would win the WWE Tag-Team Championship on seven occasions. What they would be remembered for most though was there elevation of the tag-team division by innovating with the Hardy Boyz and Dudley Boys in the first ever TLC tag matches. Since the Dudley already used tables, and the Hardy's ladders, E&C would add the chairs (con-chair-to) to the mix. The TLC match at 'WrestleMania' 2000 between all three duos was the most memorable of all involving six men.

Now we have categorized six of the top ten best tag-teams in the history of sports entertainment/pro wrestling. Next week we will go up the ladder and showcase numbers four, three and two before the number one team is revealed by itself in the last week of the month.

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