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WWE ‘Payback’ Special Event Preview, Part One

May 30th, 2014 at 6:54 PM
By Peter Schifani

The next WWE special event/pay-per-view 'Payback' emanates from Chicago, Illinois on this Sunday June, 1st. Here we will preview the under card matches which include three title matches since the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is not scheduled to be on the line, but anything could happen with regards to Daniel Bryan being ordered to surrender the titles or his wife will be fired.

Intercontinental Championship

Bad News Barrett (C) versus Rob Van Dam

Peter Schifani:

We would expect more Bad News for RVD as Barrett continues his roll and defends his championship here. A possible clash in the future with Cesaro is hoped for and may be a title unification under one wrestler as well.

Mark Eddinger (Motorsports101):

The gimmick of Bad News Barrett has been entertaining and has ended up being a good push for Wade Barrett's career which was not too long ago derailed by injury. RVD will certainly provide Bad News with a good competitive match but Barrett in the end will win and retain the IC Title.

United States Championship

Sheamus (C) versus Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman

Peter Schifani:

This match will be an old fashioned "slobber knocker" to borrow a catch phrase from Jim Ross. Both of these men have the strength to duke it out but with Sheamus recently reeling when meeting Cesaro in non-title matches we expect a title change to the newest Paul Heyman guy here with Cesaro being U.S. Champ once again.

Mark Eddinger (Motorsports101):

This match is very intriguing because the "Swiss Superman" is one the of the hottest talents on the roster right now. I think Cesaro will be wearing a championship belt soon but do not feel the US Title will leave Sheamus this time around. The feud may continue with Cesaro eventually winning or maybe he could be thrown into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture if Bryan ends up handing it over or even win the 'Money in the Bank' match coming up.

Divas Championship

Paige (C) versus Alicia Fox

Peter Schifani:

The post match antics of Alicia Fox are now part of her character's persona, but Paige is definitely the better overall wrestler here. Paige will keep her championship through Payback and eventually meet a returning AJ Lee after her wedding to CM Punk.

Mark Eddinger (Motorsports101):

Paige will win this match. They booked her to lose to Alicia Fox in London which didn't make a lot of sense to me, so I think she gets her revenge here and Fox will probably blow a gasket.

Kick-off Match: Hair versus Mask

Hornswoggle versus El Torito

Peter Schifani:

More midget action between these two in WWE can only be a good thing. Hornswoggle is finally getting a chance to actually show off his in-ring skills, of which El Torito is already well polished in. Expect Horn-y to be bald before the main card kicks off.

Mark Eddinger (Motorsports101):

The two put on an entertaining match at 'Extreme Rules' in the WeeLC match and this time around they have Hornswoggle's hair versus El Torito's mask on the line. I don't really see how El Torito's character works without a mask so I will pick him to win and Hornswoggle to lose his hair.

Well that sums up the matches on the under card for the 'Payback' pay-per-view. On Saturday night we will conclude our preview with the upper card/main event matches including the No Holds Barred elimination tag match between The Shield and Evolution.

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