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Wrestling Review Weekly, First Edition: Number 41

May 11th, 2014 at 12:21 PM
By Peter Schifani

Spring is finally really in the air all throughout the United States and as we all head outside more we see change occuring in the world of sports entertainment/pro wrestling. WWE continued there storylines around Daniel Bryan, The Shield and more after a successful 'Extreme Rules' while TNA switched directions with it's head of wrestling operations as they move towards 'Slammiversary' in June.

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TNA's Impact broadcast this past week used there usual formula throughout but changed direction quite sharply when head of wrestling operations MVP was introducing TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young to his number one contender/opponent for there next pay-per-view 'Slammiversary.' When no music started playing and MVP asked on the microphone was the guy late he had Eric Young with his back towards him and then MVP used the mic to attack E.Y. So it will be Young versus MVP in June for the World title. So was this MVP getting impatient with many top stars on the roster complaining to him about not getting a title shot or possibly his true intentions all along when he came on board TNA and ousted Dixie Carter? Besides that the only other interesting thing that occurred was the debut of "The Menagerie" lead by Knux. Rebel, Crazzy Steve and The Freak round out the group who seem similar to the debut of another group in WWE.

Adam Rose, the leader of the "Exotic Express" debuted on Monday Night Raw with his group of rosebuds in tow. His cast of "characters" seems familiar to something else we saw this week, we just can't put our finger on it. Anyway, Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie Bella got another scare this week as Kane was almost able to get them while trying to flee the arena in there hybrid car, which wouldn't start. The Shield was decimated by Evolution at the conclusion of Monday Night Raw, especially Roman Reigns, who suffered the most with an RKO by Randy Orton, a pedigree by Triple H and a triple "Batista" bomb by all three members of Evolution. He had blood coming out of his mouth as Raw went off the air, but got a small measure of revenge when he defeated Mark Henry Friday night on Smackdown. Unfortunately for The Shield, Reigns was not the only one who suffered a major loss as Sheamus became the new United States Champion in a 20 man battle royal on Raw. That ended Dean Ambrose's 351 day reign as U.S. Champion.

Triple H stated in his weekly sit down interview with Michael Cole on that things will continue with Evolution and The Shield for as long as he wants it too, which will be good for the WWE Universe. Wrestling fans should also want the current weather of warmer temperatures of Spring to continue as well because once we hit Summer things will heat up even more throughout the world of pro wrestling.

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