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Wrestling Review Weekly First Edition, Number 29

February 9th, 2014 at 8:16 PM
By Peter Schifani

As we move into the second week of the second month of 2014 things are moving along for both WWE and TNA in there current storylines. WWE hit a giant bump in the road when CM Punk walked away, and TNA's new wrinkle is MVP as an "investor" in the promotion, warring with TNA President Dixie Carter.

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On this past Thursday's Impact broadcast TNA's new "investor" MVP finally met Dixie Carter face-to-face and advised her among other things that the "party was over." We hope having MVP playing this role will make for good storylines in TNA. On the next Impact Bully Ray will battle Mr. Anderson in a casket match, where of course the loser must be placed in the casket and the casket closed completely in order to win the contest. This battle has emerged from Mr. Anderson being the one who ended the "Aces and Eights" by beating Bully Ray in a match late last year. Also, the relationship between Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky has ended according to Velvet and now Sabin has ended it as well, but not before stating he's the better superstar and challenged her to a match this Thursday. Lastly, as we all really figured out a long time ago, during a Monsters Ball match, Eric Young pulled off the mask from Abyss, revealing him to be Joseph Park. So how will the monster react and act going forward?

In WWE the storylines shifted with Daniel Bryan taking the spot that was meant for CM Punk in the battle with Director of Operations Kane, his former "Team Hell No" tag partner and The Authority lead by Triple H. Ultimately Daniel Bryan was able to beat Randy Orton in the first of a series of matches for Orton against all of his 'Elimination Chamber' match opponents, but then Kane and Orton got the best of Bryan after the match. Orton was able to beat Christian on Smackdown but now faces his toughest opponent of all tomorrow night on Raw, in John Cena. Also two NXT competitors Emma and the "Bulgarian Brute" Alexander Rusev, along with his ambassador Lana, will be making there WWE debuts shortly. Emma has competed in a dance-off with Summer Rae, but has yet to wrestle in ring and the vignettes have been airing for Rusev, who had a strong showing at the 'Royal Rumble' match, but also has yet to get in the ring to bowl over lesser competition.

Well that's about all for continuing major storylines in both WWE and TNA. WWE will make even more news in about two weeks as the Raw show on the night of the debut of the WWE Network will see the return of the Undertaker.

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