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WWE ‘WrestleMania’ 30: Predicting the Card Part Three

February 8th, 2014 at 1:11 PM
By Peter Schifani

We are continuing to preview what the 'WrestleMania' XXX card could look like for WWE and now we go to the two guys who have been the most "over" with the fans the last several years, former Ring of Honor (ROH) wrestlers, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. In case you missed part one featuring the Undertaker, and part two, Randy Orton and John Cena, please use the links for each.

'WWE Minehead - CM Punk Daniel Bryan vs Wyatt Family - 16 Nov 13 - 029' photo (c) 2013, Give Me Gimmicks - license:

Daniel Bryan has been honing his craft for over a decade now, but only the last few years in WWE. The WWE Universe and fans in general have really wanted him to be the "face of WWE" by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As we already looked at Bryan as a possible opponent for the Undertaker and Randy Orton, lets see who else he might face at 'Mania.

Brock Lesnar: since Bryan is basically the "ultimate underdog" in WWE, going up against the "Beast Incarnate" would certainly be worthy of a 'WrestleMania' match even if it's not for the title. Overcoming Heyman's guy would add to his "lore" but not really enough to satisfy the fans.

Bray Wyatt: since these two already had what was generally perceived as the best match at 'Royal Rumble' another go round at 'Mania would certainly be a possibility if somehow Cena gets involved with anyone but Bray. This time Bryan would have to come out the victor or appear "weak" in fans eyes.

As for CM Punk, well it's hard to tell what exactly is even going on with him right now as he walked away from WWE post 'Royal Rumble' due to him being eliminated from the Rumble by Kane and Batista getting the victory. Punk certainly has a right to be upset since wrestlers like himself and Bryan are regular full-timers, and Batista and Lesnar are part-timers getting the spotlight and main event matches over them. If he should return for his match with Kane at 'Elimination Chamber' then we could see him ultimately fighting Triple H at 'Mania, otherwise Kane might be his opponent there.

Triple H: this is the match that has been rumored for some time because his "anti-authority" stance, which if done right could start a very long program between Punk and The Authority that could be the best storyline for 2014. Hopefully Punk will realize that performing for his fans is what is "best for business" and return soon.

Kane: battling the "Director of Operations" could also be the spark that ignites the best potential storyline of 2014 of Punk versus The Authority, so if he isn't back before 'Elimination Chamber' then this might just happen at 'Mania.

Okay that gives everyone at look at what could be potential match-ups for two of WWE's biggest current superstars. In a final part of this short series we will reveal the card we hope to see happen at 'WrestleMania' XXX in April.

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