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WWE ‘WrestleMania’ 30: Predicting the Card Part Two

February 5th, 2014 at 3:33 PM
By Peter Schifani

So we now continue this short series looking at potential match-ups for WWE to utilize there top stars within at 'WrestleMania' XXX in April. For this second part we look at the two guys who have been headlining for a decade plus now, Randy Orton and John Cena. In case you missed part one on the Undertaker you can go back to it here.

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Randy Orton is now a 12 time World Champion, and the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion trying to withstand the fierce challengers ahead of him, like 'Royal Rumble' winner Batista, "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan and even (jokingly) Seattle Seahawk cornerback Richard Sherman. Anyway lets look at those guys just mentioned for "The Viper" to face at 'WrestleMania.'

Batista: since returning to WWE last month the "buddy" of WWE COO Triple H has won the 'Royal Rumble' and gained a ticket straight to the main event at 'WrestleMania' but fans have turned on him quicker than a hiccup (to borrow a JR line) and while he has that spot will he able to regain a title he hasn't had in over four years?

Brock Lesnar: the only Paul Heyman guy, who tore trough Big Show with chair shot after chair shot at 'Royal Rumble' and proclaimed himself the "true" number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It's hard to see him facing Orton at 'Mania for the title, but he will certainly have a match on the grandest stage of all.

Daniel Bryan: on Monday Night Raw, Bryan cleanly pinned Orton, in Orton's first in a series of matches with all the participants in the 'Elimination Chamber' match. Yes, he CLEANLY PINNED Orton…take that in WWE Universe…okay now we must correct ourselves that WWE is not holding 'Extreme Rules' in Seattle as some had rumored, but that doesn't mean Bryan can't win the title at 'WrestleMania' in an ultimate Yes! moment…can you say "triple threat" like 'WrestleMania' XX?

For just over a decade now John Cena has truly been the "face of WWE" and has held a World Championship title on 14 occasions total, but will be fighting for a title at 'WrestleMania?' Since he has faced off already with Orton twice, and the Wyatt Family got involved at the end of there 'Royal Rumble' match the consensus seems to be that Cena will meet up with Bray Wyatt on the grandest stage of all, but who else could he face?

Bray Wyatt: any match with Bray would help elevate Wyatt in the eyes of the WWE Universe and those backstage as well. This seems like a virtual lock to happen though nothing else has come of the interference as yet from the Rumble with Cena part of the 'Elimination Chamber' match itself.

Brock Lesnar: these two squared off when Brock originally returned two years ago, so it might be hard to see Cena want to battle Lesnar one more time with nothing really at stake, but if other things fall into place then these two could wind up with no other opponents but themselves for 'Mania.

Roman Reigns: while this would certainly be an interesting match-up, it seems highly unlikely as Reigns might even make a face turn before 'WrestleMania.'

Well there are some possibilities for two decade plus long veterans of WWE at 'WrestleMania.' In our next part we will see who could be on the horizon for near term vets like Daniel Bryan and (ahem) CM Punk, should he be back in WWE before the biggest even of the year.

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