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Wrestling Review Weekly First Edition, Number 27

January 27th, 2014 at 6:54 PM
By Peter Schifani

Now that the month of January is nearly coming to a close we can take a look back at the past week in pro wrestling/sports entertainment and the events that shaped things going forward. WWE 'Royal Rumble' was last night and TNA presented 'Genesis' part two last Thursday night.

'Dragon Gate USA @ WrestleReunion' photo (c) 2012, Simon Q - license:

In the wake of the 'Royal Rumble' which started the road to 'WrestleMania' we now have a "possible" Main Event for the grand daddy of all on April 6th as WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton will defend against number one contender and winner of the Rumble match, Batista. Now it remains to be seen how things will play out next month at 'Elimination Chamber' first because normally the WWE Championship would be on the line inside the chamber against five top opponents, but as we know Brock Lesnar had put his hat in the ring as the self-proclaimed number one contender. Last night on the pre-show kick-off match new WWE Tag-Team Champions were crowned as the New Age Outlaws became six time champions.

In the final part of 'Genesis' last Thursday the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus defeated Sting with a lot of help to end Sting career in TNA by tearing up the new contract that was to be offered him since his current deal was expiring at the end of January. So the WWE Universe can now truly speculate if Sting will be coming in to WWE for 'WrestleMania' and a possible induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Also at 'Genesis' the X-Division Championship changed hands yet again going back to Austin Aries from Chris Sabin. Lastly the "American Wolves" Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards advised in there vignette that a new "investor" for TNA would be revealed on this week's Impact episode.

Speaking of title changes, in the NWA Barbi Hayden was able to finally capture the Women's World Championship, and the new belt, on Saturday, defeating Kacee Carlise. The NWA has now completed the changed over all of there major championship title belts, while slightly modifying the "10 pounds of gold" Heavyweight Championship as well over the past few years.

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