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WWE ‘Royal Rumble’ Pay-Per-View Preview, Part Two

January 26th, 2014 at 12:24 PM
By Peter Schifani

Now we take a look at three upper card matches for the 2014 WWE 'Royal Rumble' including the WWE World Heavyweight Championship rematch from 'TLC.' WWE could still add more matches to the card at the last minute, but in case you missed our preview of the under card you can read that here.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Randy Orton (C) versus John Cena

Peter Schifani:

It would seem with the returns of Brock Lesnar and Batista that the plate of the WWE Champion Randy Orton is quite full these days. First he must try to vanquish John Cena once again, which we believe he will accomplish here on his own once again. Therefore he will face the winner of the 'Royal Rumble' match at 'WrestleMania' but there is always the challenge of the 'Elimination Chamber' in February, so Orton may not be champion heading to grand daddy of the all.

Mark Eddinger (Motorsports 101):

Last month it was Randy Orton coming out on top to win the unifying championship match. In the rematch at the 'Royal Rumble' I think WWE's main man John Cena will win. This pick goes hand in hand with my prediction that The Rock will win the 'Royal Rumble' Match thus setting up the grudge match between Cena and The Rock at 'WrestleMania' for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Big Show versus Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman

Peter Schifani:

This match is one we are looking forward to the most because in order for Lesnar to really declare himself the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship he must get by the seven foot tall giant, Big Show. We believe he will here and without the ring collapsing beneath them as happened once before.

Mark Eddinger (Motorsports 101):

In the build up for this match Big Show has been getting the better of Brock Lesnar. It was really a cool moment when Big Show flung Lesnar across the ring a few weeks ago. That dominance though will change in this match and Lesnar will knock off Big Show with some assistance from Paul Heyman in some way.

Daniel Bryan versus Bray Wyatt

Peter Schifani:

This is certainly an interesting match-up considering who short the program was for Bryan as a member of the Wyatt Family. It makes one wonder if WWE cut it short because they have a bigger role/plan for Bryan and may be even Wyatt at 'WrestleMania.' The WWE Universe is hoping that is true, because it's very possible Bryan battles the Undertaker at the big event and ends the streak put him SO over that he would have to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship shortly after, possibly the very next night on Monday Night Raw. For this bout we see Bray Wyatt getting revenge since we predicted Bryan winning the Rumble.

Mark Eddinger (Motorsports 101):

I was caught off guard by Daniel Bryan turning his back on the Wyatt Family as quickly as he did after joining them. It was a great moment on Raw for sure. The only way Bryan will lose this match is if the writers want to keep this feud going even longer. Personally I think it has played out long enough and when Daniel Bryan beat Bray Wyatt at the 'Royal Rumble' this feud will come to an end.

Well that concludes are look at the first WWE pay-per-view of 2014, 'Royal Rumble' which begins the road to 'WrestleMania' 30 in New Orleans in April. The big event will come more into focus based upon the winners of matches here and after 'Elimination Chamber' next month as well.

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