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Wrestling Review Weekly First Edition, Number 24

January 5th, 2014 at 8:45 PM
By Peter Schifani

Now as we dip our toe into the first week of 2014 we take a look back at the way this past week went in the world of professional wrestling/sports entertainment. The two major organizations moved storylines towards there big January events, for TNA that would be 'Genesis' on the 16th and for WWE that would be 'Royal Rumble' on the 26th. The NWA saw there top two titles change hands recently, as a new World Heavyweight Champion and Junior Heavyweight Champion were crowned.

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On Saturday the 4th at the "Wrestle Kingston 8" show for New Japan Pro Wrestling at the Tokyo Dome, the NWA World Heavyweight title changed hands as Rob Conway was defeated by Satoshi Kojima as part of the card. The same night in Kingsport, Tennessee at the NWA-Smoky Mountain event the grizzled veteran Ricky Morton, competing in a rare singles match defeated his protege Chase Owens for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight title. It's a rarity for either one of these titles to change hands, but on the same night is truly unique.

A title change also occurred this past week in TNA as the X-Division Championship went back to Chris Sabin from Austin Aries. TNA has set up a "title unification" match of sorts for the upcoming Impact broadcast as AJ Styles returned with his TNA World title belt in hand to challenge Magnus who was brandishing his TNA World title belt as well during his coronation. When 'Genesis' airs live on January 16th, it will be Kurt Angle facing Bobby Roode in a steel cage match plus Sting will give Ethan Carter III his stiffest challenge to date in TNA. More matches are sure to come as the former pay-per-view becomes another Impact special.

Lastly, the most shocking event of the past week likely happened during WWE's last Monday Night Raw of 2013, as Daniel Bryan caved and joined Bray Wyatt in the Wyatt Family after he defeated both Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in singles matches. He also defeated Bray Wyatt via disqualification as Harper and Rowan beat down Bryan, and that was when he finally gave in and said he was that Bray was right and "the machine" would not let him win. Triple H also brought back his fiercest rival from 2013 as "The Beast" Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman returned to challenge the winner of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Randy Orton and John Cena at 'Royal Rumble.' Lesnar destroyed Mark Henry during his re-introduction leaving little doubt that Lesnar will be ready for either man who emerges with the championship post 'Royal Rumble.'

Well that was quite a first week of 2014, and hopefully wrestling fans will agree that more of these type of title changes, and shifting storylines will keep things fresh and interest high as the year rolls on. Triple H stated he wanted 2014 to be more epic and the WWE Universe is hopeful for that as well.

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