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Top 10 World Heavyweight Champions in WWE: Part Three

December 20th, 2013 at 6:36 PM
By Peter Schifani

Now we move on to the top part of our collaborative countdown of the top 10 World Heavyweight Champions in WWE since they acquired WCW in 2001. Here are the number four, three and two wrestlers we feel held the title. If you missed part one and part two, you can use those links to read them.

Number Four: Chris Jericho

Held the World Heavyweight Championship on three occasions. The first reign began when he was a last minute substitute for CM Punk in the championship scramble at 'Unforgiven' on September 7, 2008 as he was the last one to hold the title at the end of the match. Batista beat him for the title a month later, but on a Monday Night Raw on November 3, 2008 Jericho triumphed again. His final reign came in the 'Elimination Chamber' on February 21, 2010 as he outlasted the Undertaker (defending champ), Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, R-Truth and John Morrison.

Number Three: Edge

Had a total of seven reigns as World Heavyweight Champion. His first of these championships was after cashing in a MITB contract on the Undertaker on 'Smackdown' on May 8, 2007. Then his second reign began by Batista (defending champ) and The Undertaker in a triple threat match at 'Armageddon' on December 16, 2007. At 'One Night Stand' on June 1, 2008 he defeated the Undertaker in a tables, ladders and chairs match for the vacant title. His fourth reign began at 'Elimination Chamber' on February 15, 2009 when he replaced Kofi Kingston in the match after attacking him, and after losing the WWE Championship in the same night. He defeated Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Kane and Mike Knox. His next title reign began by defeating John Cena in a "last man standing" match at 'No Way Out' on April 26, 2009. He began his sixth championship reign on December 19, 2010 at 'TLC' in a tables, ladders and chairs fatal four-way match defeating Kane (defending champ), Albert Del Rio and Rey Mysterio. On February 15, 2011 on 'Smackdown' he both lost and re-gained the World title to Dolph Ziggler when Vickie Guerrero stripped him of the title for using a "banned" spear on Ziggler, but General Manager Theodore Long returned and granted a re-match in which he won back the championship. He retired as World Heavyweight Champion on April 12, 2011.

Number Two: John Cena

Has held the World Heavyweight Championship on three occasions, the first of which began when he defeated Chris Jericho at 'Survivor Series' on November 23, 2008. At 'WrestleMania' 25 on April 5, 2009 he defeated Edge (defending champ) and Big Show in a triple threat match. His final reign as champion began at 'Hell in a Cell' on October 27, 2013 when he beat Alberto Del Rio, and that reign ended with the title unification match at 'TLC' on December 15, 2013 when Randy Orton defeated him.

There you have it, we have counted up from number 10 to number two, with only number one remaining. That person will get a whole article devoted to there reigns as World Heavyweight Champion next week.

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