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Wrestling Review Weekly First Edition, Number 20

December 8th, 2013 at 7:34 PM
By Peter Schifani

Another week has come and gone in the ever evolving world of professional wrestling/sports entertainment. TNA has set up 'Final Resolution' for this week's Impact broadcast, and WWE continues towards it's last pay-per-view of 2013, 'TLC' with more matches added to the card.

'NWF Wrestling Show 2005' photo (c) 2005, 2Tales - license:

TNA Wrestling set up the finals of there World title tournament for 'Final Resolution', there former pay-per-view, this upcoming Thursday night on Impact as Jeff Hardy will battle Magnus for the "vacant" championship. As we already reported, since the matches for 'Final Resolution' were recorded this past week, Magnus became the new champion. Also to be featured during this Thursday's Impact will be the return of "Feast or Fired" where many superstars will battle it out for one of three chances to challenge for the TNA titles, and one will get the case that leads to there termination. Scheduled to compete will be: Samoa Joe, James Storm, Gunner, Chavo Guerrero, even Ethan Carter III and more. On the same card for 'Final Resolution' will be an X-Division Championship match between Chris Sabin, the champion, and Austin Aries.

On Monday Night Raw, WWE's Director of Operations for The Authority, Kane, made two handicap matches for the upcoming 'TLC' pay-per-view. First CM Punk will compete one-on-three with The Shield, then later on he made Daniel Bryan do the same as he will face-off with the Wyatt Family. Usually these type of handicap matches are "punishments" meant for Raw or Smackdown, not a pay-per-view event, so it remains to be seen how the WWE Universe will react. Bray Wyatt continued his cryptic recruitment of Daniel Bryan on the last two editions of Smackdown. On the upcoming Monday Night Raw, WWE will present there annual "Slammy Awards" for the matches, moments, as well as top superstar and diva from the past year.

Lastly we want to mention a possible storyline lawsuit between Matt Hardy and ROH. The video below from Matt Hardy's YouTube page shows his threat to sue ROH and take over ownership of the company if they do not let him compete at 'Final Battle' to round out his 12 contractual appearances. It is certainly an interesting storyline to watch if it bears fruit, because ROH could be elevated past TNA in the eyes of many wrestling fans with such a move.

The year 2013 in the world of wrestling is rapidly coming to it's conclusion. What events will mark the end of the year and lead fans into 2014? Stay tuned for that info as it happens.

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