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Former WWE Superstar Goldust Returning to RAW

September 8th, 2013 at 7:40 PM
By Sean Joseph Hood

On a night when we will already be seeing a special return from WWE Hall of Fame member Edge we will also see the return to the ring of Dustin "Goldust" Rhodes. Last week on Monday Night Raw Goldust's brother Cody Rhodes stood up to the questionable tactics of Triple H, Orton and The Shield. As a result he was forced by the COO of the WWE Triple H to fight Randy Orton in a match that would see his career end if he lost. After a very strong showing from Cody he just could not put away The Viper and was subsequently fired by Triple H

'Goldust' photo (c) 2009, Cortexmelon - license:

Over the weekend it was announced by Raw GM Brad Maddox that Goldust would return to the ring to face Randy Orton to try to save his brother's job. Maddox stated that if Goldust defeats Orton and if Cody apologizes then Cody will be rehired. 

The last time Goldust was in a match in the WWE was January 27th during the Royal Rumble and his last singles match was in November of 2011. Will The Bizarre One be able to use his 25 years of wrestling experience to overcome one of the top wrestlers in the world today? Even if Goldust manages to defeat the WWE Champion will Cody be willing to apologize for the critical statements he made? Monday night just got a lot more interesting.  

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