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Recently Returned WWE Superstar Christian Suffers Concussion

September 5th, 2013 at 4:13 PM
By Sean Joseph Hood

On August 26, during a match with Randy Orton, Christian suffered a concussion which has put him out of action for the time being. Christian, who just returned from a ten month absence in June, has been removed from all activity until he can be cleared. "His ImPACT scores are normal, but he’s still having some symptoms of fogginess and cloudiness." said Dr. Chris Amann to No injury is good but this really could not have come at a worse time right after his return and following his renewed main event push. Over the last few years Christian has been plagued by nagging issues with his shoulder and now adding a concussion to that list really brings his reliability into question much like Rey Mysterio whose off and on active status makes you wonder how much longer of a career he could have.

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Christian is just the latest in a list of main event talent to end up on the sidelines due to injury. Just recently Mark Henry was pulled from action due to an injury to his leg. Henry is said to be undergoing an MRI to see what the true extent of the damage is but there has been no information as to the results yet. Henry himself had just returned after recovering from an injury not long before and coming off a big program with John Cena seemed poised to challenge The Shield for the tag team gold alongside Big Show.

Before that WWE lost two of their regular headliners in John Cena and Sheamus. John Cena took time off after his match with Daniel at Summerslam to get surgery to repair damage to his arm. Within a month prior to that Sheamus had to go under the knife to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder following his brutal ladder match at the Money in the Bank pay per view. You can read more about the injuries to Cena and Sheamus on worldwrestling101 by clicking their names.

With all of these injuries now beginning to pile up it has to become a concern to WWE that their main event roster is starting to thin out. Will they use this opportunity to pull the trigger on guys like Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler? Will they just formulate a holding pattern until the injured stars return? Times like this are usually good jumping off points for new stars and maybe that is exactly what we will get to see.

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