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Wizards What If? What If You Could Trade Anything About the Team?

July 1st, 2014 at 12:00 PM
By Andy Livingston

 photo credit: Keith Allison via photopincc

The great Tom Ziller posted a story recently about a wish that NBA teams could have the ability to trade for everything. Given the recent history in this offseason of teams trying to trade for coaches, why stop there? Below are a number of options that the Wizards could make in this ridiculous What If scenario.

Kevin Seraphin and cash to the Brooklyn Nets for their color scheme and to play in the Atlantic Division

The Southeast division was long thought to be a joke, the LeBron Heat plus 4 scrubs (you know, like how the Heat played this offseason). But the division has become a contender in the upsetter category. Four of the 5 teams in the division went to this years playoffs, including the under .500 Atlanta Hawks who still almost upset the Indiana Pacers.

However, the Atlantic Division hosts three under.500 teams in Philadelphia, Boston and the New York Knicks. The Brooklyn Nets are as elderly as they are dysfunctional and a divisonial rivilary with the Toronto Raptors could bring triple-overtime time games on the regular.

And speaking of Brooklyn, the Nets have a color scheme and design that is crisp, goes with everything and looks great in the spotlights of the Barclay Center. It's been wasted on a team where most of the players cut their teeth in the Teal Uniform 90's, so the black and white, sans serif fonts should come to the Wizards.

Ted Leonsis, some of those gold and teal Wizards jersies to Brooklyn Nets for Mikhail Prokhorov

The Wizards faithful have had a long time with Ted and his tight fists, but imagine a Wizards future with a Russian Billionaire funding it? So long as he is convinced to not sign an entire team full of 90's superstars and actually just get the wallet out for some big name Free Agents. The ability to bring home Kevin Durant to the Wizards faithful would probably only be able to happen with an owner who uses the luxury tax notices as coasters for hundred dollar bottles of vodka (probably).

Nene and Otto Porter to Detroit Pistons for Stan Van Gundy

Sure the number one GM Free Agent should be the San Antonio Spurs RC Buford, but asking for someone that high is like a fan telling their team "Just go sign LeBron". Realistically speaking the Wizards should target the man of the collarless shirt, new GM and President of the Detroit Pistons, Stan Van Gundy. Much beloved in the bloggersphere, SVG has a great reputation for his basketball mind and ability to put up with monsterous egos when he was the coach with the Orlando Magic. He also outcoached the players in the Miami Heat into the playoffs before being dismissed by raging egoist Pat Riley. Stan has never gotten a fair shake, and everyone wishes him well in Detroit, but a steal of that caliber to displace the stumbling Ernie "Wait, the draft has a SECOND round?" Grunfeld.

What trades would YOU like to see?


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