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Washington Wizards #46 Pick: Who Could It Be Now?

June 25th, 2014 at 12:00 PM
By Andy Livingston


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Wizards fans do not seem to be lamenting having a year without a lottery pick, but they shouldn't be too dismayed with the opportunity with a mid second-round pick.

Danny Green, the sharpshooter and rising star for the San Antonio Spurs, was a #46 pick in 2009.

Voshon Leonard who spent 11 years in the league and averaged 11.9 PPG was drafted at number 46 in 1994 and you probably had his basketball card.

The mid-80's had a couple of names pop up at #46, Jeff Hornacek in 1986 and Jerome Kersey in 1984. Hornacek played 15 seasons and averaged 14.5 PPG and is now Head Coach of the team that drafted him, the Phoenix Suns. While Kersey pulled in 17 seasons averaging 10.3PPG.

The bad news about the #46 pick is you'll see a lot of names that never played in the NBA including last year's number 46, Erick Green from Virginia Tech. Given the circumstances regarding 2012 second round pick Tomas Satoransky and his lack of interest in joining the Wizards, the front office should be cautious to not have another wasted opportunity on their hands.

There are opportunities for that pick to turn into a solid performer with a good basketball brain, but it could easily turn into a shot in the dark that results in an empty spot on the floor. After the lack of performance from last years number 3 overall, Otto Porter, the Wizards and Ernie Grunfeld can't make another misstep.

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