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Wizards Post Season Awards: the Gritty Reboot

June 19th, 2014 at 12:00 PM
By Andy Livingston

Keith Allison / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Drew Gooden signed two 10-day contracts and then agreed to terms for the rest of the season with the Wizards after having one truely terrible year with the Milwaukee Bucks. In 2010, Gooden signed a 5-year $32 million contract and made it to 2013 before being released under the amnesty clause.

That 2012-13 season with the Bucks had Gooden playing the worst statistical year of his career, averaging 3.3 PPG and 1.9 RPG. He languished around without a team until the Wizards needed some help when Nene took his annual injury leave of abscence. But in only 22 games, Gooden played 18 minutes per game with 5.2 RPG and 8.3 PPG. Not numbers that wil shake the walls, but a PER36 of 16.7, but his role playing was just what the Wizards needed to get far.

He had 43 total rebounds in 10 games during the playoffs, his first appearance in them since 08-09. In this years playoffs he also added 4 assits and 3 steals. Not bad for a former overall number 4 pick who's been in the league 11 years.

Gooden really bought into his role on the team, seeming happy to be a part of some place that was on the rise after his last stop in Milwaukee.

Gooden's narrative has all the stops of wiley veteran who is returning to his roots (playing wise) to help a young team of upstarts get out of the prepetual basement. Gooden really took to his time here, where he was once a Wizard before for 4 days, and it seems he and the team are looking at terms to sign him up again.

Wizards fans seemed to take up for Gooden who has a lot of miles, but was willing to put in his best effort in his short time. His reboot as a Wizard can continue to grow, just hopefully in the new X-Men variety over the First 3 Star Wars. No one deserves to go through that again.

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