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Wizards Post Season Awards: the Washington Monument

June 18th, 2014 at 12:00 PM
By Andy Livingston

'We have an Otto Porter Jr. sighting' photo (c) 2014, Joseph Glorioso Photography - license:
On August 23, 2011 an earthquake with a 5.8 magnitude ran through the DC area, being felt as far away as Baltimore. Many west coasters derided the reaction of the Metropolitan response, but the already crumbling infrastructure took a big hit.

How big of a hit? After almost 3 years later, the Washington Monument is finally restored enough to receive visitors. A high attraction to the area takes years to recover from an injury: Presenting Otto Porter.

Strained hamstring and right hip flexor injuries of a dubious nature and then no mention of him again for what seemed like many months. The former number 3 pick sat on the pine and only became such a non-story because of the flaming pile of garbage that was number one pick, Anthony Bennett's game on the court.

The Palindrome ended with the season averaging 2.1 PPG,1.5 RPG and a 6.08 PER. Way behind on the depth chart behind Trevor Ariza and Martell Webster, Porter became a human cigar for the Wizards, even managing two points off the bench in the playoff win over the Pacers.

His field goal percentage was 36.3%. His three-point percentage was 19.0% and he only played 37 games. Those are not good numbers, embarassing numbers for a number three pick, but Porter was injuried and the public never got to know how bad that injury affected him.

Randy Wittman could have put him on ice to save for the future, or he could have benched him because he just wasn't ready. Either way, the official Facebook status of Porter reads "Under Construction".

Will Porter be ready to be revealed this year, like his DC counterpart the Monument? Or will he still need the cracks to be healed, the foundation to be amended in order to justify being safe enough to bring the tourists around?

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