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Washington Wizards Free Agency Look Pt 3: the Iffys

June 11th, 2014 at 12:00 PM
By Andy Livingston


'Danny Granger' photo (c) 2008, Chris Isherwood - license:


Kris Humphries

Humphries had a promising start that was derailed by a personal evisceration by the media/Kanye West, Humphries was then traded to the tanking Boston Celtics in the deal that brought Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Nets.

Humphries could use a new start in a place that is aiming higher (even when he was with the Nets, they were in a transitional period). His 8.4 PPG and 5.9 RPG are solid, he has a good work ethic, but is coming off a $12-million year from his last contract. He will probably want a comparable contract, at least for a short-term, but that is probably too much for the Wizards, who have so many returning assets. 


PJ Tucker

Coming off a very productive defensive year for the not-defensive-powerhouse Phoenix Suns, Tuckers good year could have been a contract year fluke, but his 9.4 PPG and 6.5 RPG last season were a nice jump from his career averages. But might have been masked by the Suns performance. He might be looking for a big contract since he is only 29, but he is a solid body to plug in the middle, but he would be coming off the bench for sure, unless he turns on full freak out mode and starts dominating.


CJ Miles

Another of the Cavaliers Exodus, Miles is more of a scoring option than some of the other picks out there. His 9.9 PPG and a 16.03 PER could fit nicely in a relief role or as part of a run and gun second unit. His role has never grown outside of a steady role player, a good bench unit member, but never too spectacular. His offensive game has grown since he signed with Cleveland, but not many teams are looking at Miles as a starter.


Danny Granger

When Granger was traded before the trade deadline to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Indiana Pacers were headed into a tailspin that saw them squander a great first half into a .500 second half. As the Pacers fell apart in a wildly fashionable way in the playoffs, it made the hole left by Granger look possibly larger than it really was. His production has dropped off from 2012 and after 9 years in the league he may not have the juice to get back to the old Granger. His term on the Clippers was less than inspiring, but given the circumstances and the whirlwind year the organization had, he may have just never figured out with to do with himself.


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