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Washington Redskins’ Quarterback Robert Griffin III Accused of Sexting on His Wedding Night

July 19th, 2013 at 9:50 AM
By Zach Powell

Washington Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin III is learning the pitfalls of being a star quarterback of a NFL franchise.  The newly married superstar is being accused of being involved in a sexting scandal with a Hooters waitress.

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An email from a user over at the website Busted Coverage implicated the Redskins' quarterback.

So I was looking through RGIII’s twitter feed the night of his wedding. I followed his RTs to a groomsman of his, William Mallow. Going through his twitter feed I found a girl he RT that said she missed him. She looked hot so I looked at her feed. (@Mere__) THat night one of her friends tweeted “RGIII getting married today. Will @Mere__ crash the wedding?” She responds immediately with “I could show Becky this though” and its a picture of her text messages with a guy name RgIII in her phone. The text show a black guy lifting up his shirt showing a six pack and trying to get her to respond. This is 1am July 6th (day of wedding) and then finally gives up after no response from her.

The girl in question is Meredith Barber, a student at Virginia Commonwealth University, who claims to have more pictures of Griffin, and is willing to shop them around to the highest bidder.  After the story went viral, Barber claimed it was all joke, but eventually admitted the texts were indeed from Griffin and that she had "inappropriate" pictures and images from the popular video chat application FaceTime.

The last interaction between the two was on July 6th, which was Griffin's wedding day, where the quarterback allegedly sent pictures of his stomach, seemingly hoping to engage Miss Barber in exchanging a series of nude pictures.

The allegations couldn't come at a worse time for the Redskins.  The team breaks ground on training camp in less than week and don't need the distraction of a Griffin scandal clouding them.  While there is no indication that the person in question is Griffin, the star quarterbacks squeaky clean image has taken a hit this offseason with critics teeing off on his comments made on various social media outlets.  While nothing surprises us regarding professional athletes any more, we'll withhold judgment until an acknowledgment of guilt is made.  However, we hope that if RG3's learned anything this offseason, it's that his life is permanently under the microscope. 

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