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Bernard Hopkins Advice to Robert Griffin III: “Run from Donovan McNabb”

June 24th, 2013 at 5:07 PM
By Zach Powell

Legendary boxing champion Bernard Hopkins has only one piece of advice for Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III when dealing with Donovan McNabb: "Run!"

“What I would advise him: run from McNabb,” Hopkins told Howard Eskin of Fox 29. “Run. Run. Run. And press charges if he tries to [connect]. Listen, seriously, this is an assault on this man. Listen. Run, and if he continue to stalk you, call the first police station, whatever town you’re in, and file a report. File a report.”

Hopkins words about McNabb aren't surprising considering the longstanding feud these two began during the former Syracuse quarterback's stint in Washington.  Hopkins, an Eagles fan, laid into McNabb, claiming his privileged upbringing in suburban Chicago rendered him "not black enough" and he merely had a "suntan" in regards to the color of his skin.

Earlier in the offseason, Griffin took to social media to express his personal opinions on a few issues, and faced criticism from media and fans alike.  McNabb reached out to the Redskin's franchise quarterback and offered to consult with him and his father. 

However, Bernard Hopkins isn't so sure that's the best course of action for Griffin, saying:

“I’m McNabb. I want to explain to him, I had an opportunity to play for the NFL. I conned my way through like I was somebody I wasn’t….I blew it. I blew it. I’m letting you understand, RGIII, don’t choke every time. Or any time.”

There certainly aren't any shortages of people in line waiting to give Griffin advice on how to handle himself as Washington's star quarterback, and in our opinion, McNabb sits dead last in that line.  While Hopkin's comments regarding race were certainly inappropriate, his sentiment regarding McNabb's ability to mentor a quarterback, we couldn't agree more with.

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