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Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III Honors Military

June 21st, 2013 at 11:50 AM
By Jessica Pifalo

'Robert Griffin III' photo (c) 2012, Keith Allison - license: Washington Redskins practice was a little special as 25 members of local U.S. Air Force units came and visited the team in honor of Veteran's Day. The USAA announced Monday that Redskins' QB Robert Griffin III will support their military appreciation efforts this year. For Griffin, the visit hits home as Griffin as a child was born on a military base and grew up in various bases across the country, as his parents served in the U.S. Army. Griffin praises and appreciates the efforts of the service members tremendously. 

“My appreciation is deeper just because I am a military kid and I understand the life, I understand how devastating it can be at times and how much discipline it takes to live the life that they live,” said Griffin. “To have them out here today and watch us practice and just the little things you can do to show how much you appreciate them goes a long way.” 

Senior Airman Tabitha Haynes says that the members love being out here and having the chance to meet the players. 

“They love this and they are just filled with gratitude for the opportunity that they don’t get to experience.” Said Haynes 

Don Clark, the director of USAA is enthused to have RGIII on board and feels his personal relation to his cause is wonderful, “The Griffin family's experience in the Army is like that of so many military families,” said Clark. “Through deployments and moves, they put the mission and their values first. We’re excited to work with Robert and say thank you to all military families.”

With the partnership with the NFL, throughout the season, the USAA will honor service members and their families with special NFL-related events and programs, which will include NFL fans, players, coaches chances to honor and thank members and their families. 

You can learn more about the USAA’s NFL Sponsorship by visiting 

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