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Washington Redskins and Free Agent Lorenzo Alexander Far Apart in Latest Negotations

February 27th, 2013 at 11:34 AM
By Zach Powell

The Washington Redskins seemed to navigate through cap penalties last season without much difficulty.  It's already causing issues this offseason.  

Free agent Lorenzo Alexander told John Keim of the Washington Examiner that the Redskins initial offer was "not close."

“They offered me a deal but obviously at this point I’m not going to jump into it and sign right away,” Alexander said. “There’s a lot of stuff going on. At this point we’ll play the waiting game and be patient and see what’s the best thing to do for myself and my family. Hopefully that’s with the Redskins . I don’t expect them to outbid anybody but from what I’ve done and sacrificed and what I’ve earned on the field, obviously that’s going to bring a certain dollar amount. There will be interest from other teams. But you really know when free agency starts what your value is.

Alexander has become a vital member of the franchise.  He's drawn widespread praise for his ability, and willingness, to play multiple positions on the field.  He was named to the NFL's Pro Bowl this season, and currently serves as the teams special teams captain.  They cannot afford to lose him, but unfortunately for the team, they might be able to afford to keep him.
The team is still fighting the $36m penalty that the NFL imposed on them last offseason but has come up empty on nearly every attempt.  If the team doesn't get any cap relief, they will have to make some tough decisions on their future, and Alexander may be one of those casualties.  Lorenzo has stated that he'd be willing to take less from the Redskins but the offer has to be close.  
What Alexander's market is unknown but the penalty sure leaves the Redskins in quite a bind if the special teams ace prices himself out of the team's reach.
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