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Former Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Michael Westbrook Takes on Steven Seagal in New Movie

February 21st, 2013 at 11:56 AM
By Zach Powell

Michael Westbrook will be remembered around Washington for a lot of things. Unfortunately, for Redskins fans, most of them will have to do things outside of football.  Westbrook's latest challenge?  A fight scene with Steven Seagal's in his latest latest movie, "Force of Execution," as first reported by

Washington selected Westbrook out of the University of Colorado with the fourth overall pick in the 1995 NFL Draft.  He burst on to the scene with an eye-popping "Hail Mary" pass from quarterback Kordell Stewert in the final moments of the game against the Michigan Wolverines in what was dubbed as "The Miracle at Michigan."  He was later voted as a consensus first-team All-American and took home the Paul Warfield Trophy, declaring him the best wide receiver in all of college football.

He played seven unspectacular seasons with the franchise before the two sides parted ways and Westbrook finished his career with the Cincinnati Bengals.  While never living up to the hype with his on the field production, Westbrook made waves throughout the Redskins organization by punching out teammate Stephan Davis during training camp, an incident that was replayed over-and-over again throughout local news reports.

Westbrook transitioned to a career in mixed martial arts when his football career ended, specializing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and competing as a heavyweight with the King of Cage promotion.  To date, Westbrook has only competed in three sanctioned fights, drawing a career record of one win and one loss, with his third fight being ruled a no-contest after an incidental strike below the belt rendered Westbrook unable to continue.  Westbrook was also cast in the MTV series Bully Beatdown, where "bullies" could step in the ring with a MMA professional for a chance to earn money.

While details of the movie haven't been released yet, and they probably won't considering most Seagal movies seem to lack much of a plot, we're always interested in the opportunity to see Michael Westbrook on the receiving end of a beating.  After all, he tortured Redskins fans for seven years, it's only fair, right?

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